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  1. New thread. See this article linking Tulsi Gabbard to a weird cult.


    Off to Hearst Castle, etc., Sunday.


    • The twins and I returned Tuesday from Palo Duro Canyon. Biggest canyon in Texas. They participated in a Texas Archaeological Society dig into late archaic Native Americans [3500 years ago]. They worked hard, on a cliff, 20″ from the edge, scraping, collecting, screening, and separating. Found some stone tool pieces.

      George, especially, if you ever get up that way, the all purpose Museum of the Panhandle and High Plains on the West Texas A&M campus in Canyon is really worth the visit. It has everything from prehistory, to natural history, to a Plains village of 1880, to an old full size steam operated oil pumping well, to the development of automobile culture from 1900-1940, and much more. Also worth a meal or two is Feldman’s Wrong Way Diner.

      The Canyon is pretty spectacular but certainly not the Grand Canyon in scope and depth. For the last fifty years or so there has been a summer musical in the Canyon in an outdoor amphitheater facing a canyon wall. Big spectacle song and dance drama about the early times on the Panhandle – musical numbers reminiscent of the play Oklahoma.


  2. Victimhood culture means that you are obliged to work this observation into a movie review of a romantic comedy (Always Be My Maybe):

    “Perhaps Asian Americans should simply be grateful for our general success and not complain about seemingly minor obstacles. But this kind of envious prejudice can quickly take a dark turn. Fiske pointed out that historically speaking, “The targets of genocide are often successful outsiders.” Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, best known for his platform of universal basic income, fears that we are “one generation away” from Asians being targets of violence in the same way Jewish synagogues have been.”



  3. Heh.


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