Evening Report 8/30/16

Syracuse, ostensibly an FBS football program in a P5 conference, opens against Colgate, an FCS team.

Michigan State, not to be outdone, opens against Furman, which may be in a lower division than even Colgate.

There are some good games scheduled this weekend – real intersectional clashes. ‘Bama is playing USC in Jerryworld. K St. goes to Stanford. UT plays ND Sunday night. Oklahoma is at UH; not a true old fashioned intersectional game, but it does pit preseason #3 against preseason #15. UNC v. UGA, Mizzou at WVa and LSU traveling to Lambeau to play Wiscy round out the potentially good games, I think, except for this one.  UCLA is traveling to College Station to play the benighted Aggies.  Here is UCLA’s take on Aggie “traditions”:


In other news, Turkey needs the west and the west needs Turkey, according to this article:


The EC wants to fine Apple more than a billion Euros for something.


What Texas state employees earn:


And piston engine airplanes are the last major source of lead in the atmosphere.



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  1. on vacation this week and won’t be posting…


  2. I will do what I can! Not likely to be today, though. Tomorrow.

    The commission will suggest a figure or a range that Apple owes Dublin—which is likely to exceed $1 billion—leaving the precise calculation to the Irish government. But the government, fearing other investors would be put off, doesn’t want to collect the money; it will appeal, as will Apple, ensuring the case drags on for years. The ruling will stoke transatlantic tensions: America recently lambasted the commission for trying to turn itself into a “supranational tax authority” and declared the theories underpinning the anticipated ruling flawed.

    This boggles the mind. Someone should tell Brussels about the outcome of the Brexit vote. Might get them to tone it down a little.


    • Kev, at the predominantly liberal group to which you were once briefly a party, where I am far and away the most conservative correspondent, two of them could not understand what was wrong with an unelected foreign commission telling a sovereign to revisit and extort an entity the sovereign had already collected taxes from according to the sovereign’s own law. I explained why the USA, Ireland, and Apple were all fiercely opposing the EC on this. I asked if they would object to their previous tax years being reopened at the behest of “commissioners” from Canada and Mexico, unelected, but supposedly representing NAFTA.

      I made a little progress on that one. But only a little. Because big corporations should pay MOAR.

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      • “I made a little progress on that one. But only a little. Because big corporations should pay MOAR.”

        There are lots of other, not insane, ways of accomplishing that, if that is the ostensible goal. This seems like a bad move for the EU, especially after Brexit. But what do I know? This seems like picking big fights for no reason.


  3. on vacation through labor day. enjoy the holiday everyone. and just think, after labor day, it’s officially campaign season. this has just been a preview. get excited!


  4. Syracuse, ostensibly an FBS football program in a P5 conference, opens against Colgate, an FCS team.

    And they could conceivably lose, too.


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