Super Bowl Rant and Open Thread

I’m watching the pre-game show and naturally CBS cuts to an interview with the Obamas. Sigh. Is there no occasion in this country that can pass without the precious thoughts of a fucking politician being foisted on us?

Newsflash: The president (any president) is a mere politician, not a monarch anointed by the hand of God. We have no need to hear him pontificate on every event, big or small, that takes place in the nation. The guest list for his party is completely unimportant to me. I don’t give a rat’s ass what kind of food he is serving. I couldn’t care less which team he is rooting for. Doubly so for the First Lady, for goodness sake. And I think anyone who does care is a moron.

It is actually quite baffling. The opinion of the ordinary person towards politicians in general is usually one of overwhelming contempt, and rightly so. Yet when a politician is so “good” at all the vile things that politicians do and are that they rise to the highest political office in the country, suddenly we are supposed to wait with bated breath for his sage thoughts on all things big and small. What does he think of the Super Bowl? What does his March Madness bracket look like? What is he saying about the latest tragedy in a small town in the middle of nowhere?

Someone stop the madness, please.

Rant over…open thread.

21 Responses

  1. You’re just mad because you weren’t named after Sir Edmund Hillary.


  2. I thought RMN was a crook, but I was still real happy he showed up at the UT-Arky FB game in ’69 and gave the ‘Horns the MNC trophy.

    Think of it as a celebration of your team, man!


  3. Nice gig if you can get it:

    “Geithner Gets JPMorgan Credit Line to Invest With Warburg Pincus”


  4. I’m actually pro-forced abortion and even I’m blown away by this NARAL tweet.


    • McWing:

      I’m actually pro-forced abortion and even I’m blown away by this NARAL tweet.

      One wouldn’t have thought it necessary to “humanize” something that is, well, actually human. But the NARAL folks are odd like that.


    • OMG, Social Justice Warriors are idiots. It was just a funny commercial. That’s it. Some people are so retarded (sorry for my hate speech). They are the modern version of the people who, 30 or 40 years ago, who would have worried that the commercial suggested that women had vaginas and men might see them and facial expressions might be experienced as it happened.

      The idiots change their tunes, but they are always with us, and always playing them.

      BTW, I don’t mean anything offensive by the term “idiot”, I’m just grumpy and curmudgeonly at the moment.


  5. Brooks this morning:

    Obama’s basic approach is to promote his values as much as he can within the limits of the situation. Bernie Sanders, by contrast, has been so blinded by his values that the reality of the situation does not seem to penetrate his mind.

    Seems about right to me.


  6. The Sanders v Clinton meltdown on PL is hilarious to watch.


    • it’s hilarious. and the idea that Clinton can lose to Sanders in NH and it not be an issue is just the best.


      • also, way to jettison and semblance of principles before the first vote is even cast.


      • My favorite is watching the earnest case being made that Sanders is a sell out to Wall Street.


        • My favorite is watching the earnest case being made that Sanders is a sell out to Wall Street.

          That’s funny.


      • it’s almost like they’re a bunch of libertarians in a circular firing squad over purity.


      • I hope Clinton loses to Sanders. I really hope he does. And the Sanders loses to Trump. And then Trump appoints Sanders to some important position in his administration, because Trump is just as crazy as I think he is. It will be a very interesting 4 year, and a heckuva midterm!


    • ““Snowden was just a civilian analyst, and Manning was an Army private,” Carter noted. “They didn’t have a chance. Manning had the right idea, becoming a woman and all, but she did it after she was convicted, so the victim angle didn’t do her any favors. If she’d done it before she’d probably already have a book deal and a job at MSNBC.”

      “When Petreaus was caught giving secret information to his mistress, my predecessors initially ignored it, because Iraq,” Carter said. “Plus she was kind of hot. Unfortunately, the new guidance from the White House says that military violations, but not political ones, must be dealt with harshly.””


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