Star Wars: The Force Awakens (The Special Edition)

Surely, you’ve seen the new trailer for the new Star Wars movie. A little bland, sure, but fortunately George Lucas is already hard at work at improving it with his own Special Edition:

Now, that’s going to be awesome!

3 Responses

  1. Also, if you haven’t read The Martian by Martin Weir, it’s a must read. Man, that book was awesome.


  2. Sound was awful on my computer. Maybe that is why the two trailers seemed almost identical. I thought I heard “trade negotiations” mentioned in the second one.

    I know a joke explained is no longer a joke, but help me understand the “hard at work improving” and sheer awesomeness of the second teaser.


  3. If you were an Original Trilogy fan and remember the experience of watching the first Special Edition of Star Wars, with all the new included CGI creatures wailing and honking and walking in front of other stuff and extras added to scenes for no discernible reason, you get the gag (many of the extras for the faux-trailer were pulled from the first Star Wars Special Edition). But some stuff (like the bad guy light saber sprouting a whole extra saber) just cracked me up.

    I suppose it’s generational . . . there’s also a Lens Flare addition that makes fun of J.J. Abrams penchant for over-using lens flares in his movies, but I didn’t find that as funny. I imagine children of the 90s find it hilarious, though. 😉

    Still, I’m looking forward to the movie, and the rumors that Luke Skywalker has gone into hiding because with the force “unbalanced”, as it were, by the death of Vader and Palpatine, he’s gone out of control and has God-like powers he cannot control . . . I like the sound of that.

    Repeat: must read The Martian. Excellent book. That’s hard sci-fi, instead of fantasy sci-fi and damn is it good.


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