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  1. The top list basically are all glorified trade schools. The last chart seems to indicate their grads end up with some sort of post-graduate degree which boosts their income.


  2. We need an irony font for when the Georgia Tech grad calls his alma mater, MIT, and Caltech “trade schools”.


    • I have a tee-shirt in white and gold which says NORTH AVENUE TRADE SCHOOL.

      Another popular GT bookstore item is one which says MIT IS THE GEORGIA TECH OF THE NORTH.


  3. I’m doomed. I didn’t attend any of them.


  4. ‘Goose, big state universities like MSU would fare much better in stats that compared their STEM and biz and Architecture schools to the schools that rate so highly. This is because the big state schools produce all the teachers and social workers who don’t get paid much. This lowers the averages for them.

    For example, the life and physical science departments of the traditional Ag schools like UC Davis, TX A&M, Iowa State, NC State, Rutgers, Cornell, Michigan State, and Maryland produce good earners who are outnumbered by the others.

    Take GaTech – usually the highest overall SAT scores of any public, around 1340 on the old two test system, and UT, about 1250 on the old system. Everyone in STEM in both schools is over 1350. But UT has art, music, and drama majors who auditioned or provided media, not test scores, and they will not be good earners, especially early. Never mind the teachers and social workers.


    • I wonder how they measure “salary”. A lot of people get paid a relatively low salary but ultimately earn a lot more via bonus or commissions. Such people also tend to be on the high end of the income spectrum, so may skew results if “salary” means literally salary and not all earned income.


  5. I can verify CO School of Mines in that first list. Our daughter is making BANK. Her first year bonus alone was over $30K and that doesn’t count stock options. She would crack up though hearing CSM being called a trade school.

    Interesting lists Mark.


  6. Naval officers are not that highly paid. Am surprised to see USNA at the top of the list…

    I remember my 1040 EZ from my first year as a butterbar. I made 17.9k


  7. and no student loan debt.


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