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  1. New quotation is up.


  2. We’re enjoying a quiet Veteran’s day here, business is a little off because of the holiday. I did re-read my dad’s diary from his bombing missions again last night, wished my trainer (former Marine) and my husband a Happy Veteran’s Day, and I’m reading “Inferno” by Max Hastings (barely started though).

    Anyway, we’re thinking about driving out to Riverside National Cemetery this evening to visit my parents and all the other Vets out there. We haven’t done that in awhile.

    Also, good job to Starbucks for making it a priority to hire Vets. I think that’s very commendable.

    Have a nice day all and Happy Veteran’s Day to our Vets here at ATiM!


    • jnc:

      Good piece on how one Internet blogger can make a difference:

      Well, I think it remains to be seen just what kind of a difference he will ultimately make. The abortion that is Obamacare is still the law of the land, despite Gruber’s inadvertent honesty about the dishonesty involved in selling it. And that, after all, is pretty much all Gruber and his ilk care about. The law passed.


  3. Yello and Mrsjkt took me out last night for a lovely Veterans’ Day dinner at one of our local gastropubs. Oysters on the half shell, lemon-basil Maryland crab cakes, and specialty martinis–it was a great meal.

    Thanks for the post, Mark!


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