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  1. What was your time? Chris Rock had a routine about the NY Marathon in his SNL opening about the craziness of running that far.


  2. Hideous. 4:33. Based on my half marathon times, i should be breaking 4:00. Went out conservatively and still hit the wall at the same damn place as i did when i went out aggressively..

    Just not my race, I guess…


  3. Damned narrow bridges…


  4. Marathoners amaze me. I have never run an organized race but I have occasionally done up to 5k on my own at a 10-11 minute a mile pace. I just can’t imagine doing that eight times in a row.

    Charity bicycle rides are much more civilized. Even if you are doing a century or metric century, you get to stop every 20 miles or so and have a snack and use the restroom.


  5. Do cyclists hit the wall like runners do?


    • Yup. We call it ‘bonking’. Most of the times you can just slow down and coast in for the rest of the ride but sometimes you just can’t go on. I nearly passed out once at the end of a ride and it took me about a half hour before I could walk without vertigo. I suspect most of it is nutrition related. The body just runs out of burnable fuel.


  6. Somehow i agreed to do a 2 day ride next fall. 75 miles each day for MS. and food is key.

    regardless, Brent. you finished.


    • I give loads of credit to anyone who finishes.

      A Facebook friend of mine was morbidly obese in high school and is still a pretty hefty guy. He did the Marine Corps Marathon a few years back in about 7:30 which means he probably just beat the cut-out times. But his marathon time is still better than mine.


  7. For the unintentionally funny title of the day: Bill Clinton plugs Kay Hagan in NC


    The old hound dog is up to his old tricks…And she is wearing a blue dress to boot


  8. Congrats, Brent!

    As a former marathoner, I give you a standing ovation for your weekend. Rest, eat, recover, eat, rest, and eat.

    Want to go for a run next weekend? 😀


  9. Thanks, Michi… I plan on going full hedonistic through the holidays…


    • Brent:

      Congrats…well done. I don’t know how someone can run a marathon.

      I “hit the wall” yesterday too. Just couldn’t lay on the couch any longer watching football.


  10. i hope you watched the Ravens get embarrassed on national TV. it’s always a good day after an Raven’s loss.


    • I missed it, actually. That was the wall I hit. After watching NFL Red Zone through all of the afternoon games, I’d had enough, and I didn’t watch a single minute of the Sunday Night game. Sounds like I missed a good one…Roethlisberger with another 6 TD effort.


  11. Congrats on the marathon even if you aren’t entirely happy with your time.

    I value my continued enjoyment of a lack of knee and back injuries too much to do running as a regular exercise, let alone a competitive marathon. I’m more into low impact elliptical use.


  12. Disregarding the framing of Gamergate, Ezra finally notices that political leanings count for more than race in the US today when it comes to how people react to various issues:



  13. it’s always a good day after an Raven’s loss.

    Just wait till we blow your doors off in the playoffs!


    • Shorter Pearlstein: We must have bad marketing, since it couldn’t possibly be the actual effects of our policies that people don’t like.


    • Thanx on Pearlstein and I knew you would pick up on the mischaracterization of “cramdown”.


      I have been using various linux versions for server functions since the turn of the century. On old laptops I have used Puppy to revive and extend the life. Always had to “write” a driver or two – usually wifi and sound.

      Well, Jen’s 2011 Sony Vaio core I5 laptop got terminally ill – adbots wrapped around startup System32 files, so when cleaned, the system would not restart. She bought a Mac.

      I took the Vaio and wiped and loaded Ubuntu 14.04. All works out of the box, so to speak. Fast and runs cool. Now she wishes that I had done that for her and she had saved the money on the Mac. First time I ever had a laptop run everything full speed without writing a driver, or fooling with ALSA, etc. Loaded in less than 40 min.

      Ubuntu now runs enough full featured Apps to make the laptop totally functional. Only the inability to run Intuit Quickbooks and proprietary legal software still keeps me from using it as a full biz unit.

      But for travel and for fun this will do just fine. It would have worked for Jen, too, now that Dropbox can be loaded on Ubuntu.

      Free operating system, no bugs, plenty of Apps, runs fast and light. It is amazing to me that the Microsoft/Apple duopoly remains dominant.
      Heck, there is even a full featured .pdf editor FREE. Adobe and Nuance would be out of business if enough folks used Ubuntu.

      I paid Jen $200 for it. They don’t get more on Ebay. But if she wants it back, i will give it to her.


  14. getting in with those 3 division losses is going to be tough.


  15. “ScottC, on November 3, 2014 at 2:51 pm said:

    Shorter Pearlstein: We must have bad marketing, since it couldn’t possibly be the actual effects of our policies that people don’t like.”

    or the jury is out because Democrats run away from their policies so you have no idea if better marketing would work or not.


  16. And the White House lied again. No surprise.

    “E-mail points to White House involvement in USDA’s firing of Shirley Sherrod
    By Mary Clare Jalonick November 3 at 8:08 PM

    A 2010 e-mail from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says his department was “waiting for the go-ahead” from the White House before accepting the resignation of Shirley Sherrod, according to newly released documents, despite Obama administration assertions that her ouster was Vilsack’s decision alone.”



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