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  1. I wonder if they are generally children of immigrants.


    • FIRST!

      I do, too.


      • I think it suggests that academic potential is not a function of skin color.


      • Mark:

        Have you seen my new post? Comes from an Economist graphic.

        Interesting. I think it would be useful to see other pertinent factors, like first generation immigrants, as McWing mentioned. Also I wonder if there is other race related “help” (affirmative action type programs) that would effect black scores and not white scores. It seems unlikely that the disparity is a function of race itself.


        • Scott, I should have said that taken together with American stats it seems to me skin color is not a factor.

          Thomas Sowell saw this chart and suggested that Brit whites, b/c of social strata norms in GB, saw themselves as victims, like most poor American blacks, b/c of racial norms; all fed by the welfare state in each circumstance.

          I don’t think that can be dismissed easily, but like George I suspect that much of this has to do with first gen children of immigrants who came ready to make something of their lives. My suspicion is that firstgen children of black immigrants to the USA, even in poverty, do pretty well, too. I would like to see that “test group”.
          I certainly have anecdotal evidence to support that, but three anecdotes and $2 won’t even get a cup of coffee any more.


        • Mark:

          but three anecdotes and $2 won’t even get a cup of coffee any more.

          $1.50 for a large from Nick’s street cart on the corner of 49th and Park. Better than Starbucks and more convenient. Gotta get there early, though, cause Nick is gone by 10am.


        • 49th and Park. Good to know.


  2. Who, of the Economists readers, believed race was determining factor?


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