DC Politics Corruption

The Post ran a profile about a local businessman/fundraiser, Jeffrey Thompson (who calls himself “The Governor”), who has been ensnared in a fundraising and/or abuse of power scandal. It relates to the recent mayoral campaign and contracts for Medicaid managed care plans. It’s a good look at a local corruption story. This, however, jumped out.

Once, during a fundraiser, Thompson held court at the Hay-Adams hotel, according to a political consultant who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the ongoing federal investigation. “I walked in, and there was Jeff at the head of the table. Beautiful china. All of a sudden, ding, ding, ding,” the consultant said, hitting a plate with a knife to demonstrate. “He had on a top hat — I swear. He took it off and said, ‘Gentlemen.’ He passed the hat around, and people filled it with checks.”

I have to point out that is clearly a breach of etiquette. One’s top hat is checked upon entry to the establishment.

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8 Responses

  1. Clearly he could take a lesson or two from you, NoVA!

    P.S. In Baltimore again house hunting!


  2. How long are you there?


  3. I leave late Thursday afternoon (Delta 1189 out of BWI).


  4. Love the twist at the end, NoVa.

    Along these lines, I’m deeply disappointed in the behavior of the current governor of Virginia. I didn’t vote for him, but I think he’s been a decent custodian of the state and would probably give him a thumbs up. Moving away from a gasoline tax to general excise tax is a good idea. Hybrids and the like are gradually breaking the link between petroleum consumption and wear and tear on roads. I’d like to think that Viriginia is one of the better-governed states in the union. (OK, technically we’re a commonwealth.)

    Goose – If you do manage to get in the area with a little extra time, definitely consider a visit. Your choice of any recipe I’ve ever posted (or a decent restaurant of your choice). Now that I have every Friday off through September, I’ll start working on the ATiM cookbook project. Also a couple of long-delayed science related posts.



  5. The McDonnell scandal just seems so stupid. I didn’t read the latest from the weekend, but apparently his wife is just openly shaking people down. “sure would be nice if you got my husband a rolex.”

    reminds me of mayor Quimby: ” Thank you Fat Tony. However, in the future, I would prefer a non-descript brief case to the sack with a dollar sign on it.”


  6. The McDonnell thing is corruption, pure, simple and amateurish.

    And it all started over going after the caterer for embezzlement.


  7. Paul–I’ll remember that if I have time; I’ll know better after tomorrow. Thanks!


  8. Good luck house-hunting, michi. Let me know where you decide on.


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