FY2013 CR & 02/21/2013 Open Thread

New NYT piece with some good info on the next stage of the budget fight, the continuing resolution to fund the government through the rest of FY2013 (i.e. through September 30, 2013).

“Taking steps to avoid a full government shutdown at the end of March, the House Appropriations Committee as soon as next week will introduce legislation to keep the government financed through Sept. 30, the end of the fiscal year, but do nothing to stop the pending cuts.”

“The Senate next week will consider competing Democratic and Republican proposals to stop the automatic cuts. The Democratic plan would institute a 30 percent minimum tax rate on incomes over $1 million, cut farm subsidies, and institute military cuts delayed until most United States troops have returned from Afghanistan. Neither plan is expected to win the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster

Instead, attention will shift to the next deadline, March 27, when financing for the government runs out.

The House bill would maintain financing at presequester levels, $1.043 trillion, with detailed spending instructions for defense programs devised to give the Pentagon more flexibility. But a provision in the spending bill will say that all levels are subject to automatic cuts to be meted out by the White House Budget Office.”


If the House is really going to let the baseline be set at pre-sequester levels for the CR, this could constitute a cave for the Republicans. I.e. the sequester was actually in effect for about 1 month tops and now spending is going to be held flat at the old levels.

Update: Good piece by Karl Rove on the various options. I agree with his proposal:

“My own recommendation is that House Republicans should pass a continuing resolution next week to fund the government for the balance of the fiscal year at the lower level dictated by the sequester—with language granting the executive branch the flexibility to move funds from less vital activities to more important ones.”


8 Responses

  1. This Megan McArdle piece really resonates with the anti-authoritarian in me.

    Fuck credentials! Except for, you know, my pilot.


  2. From The American Conservative, more proof that Jon Huntsam is the RINOiest of RINOs:

    I’ve been married for 29 years. My marriage has been the greatest joy of my life. There is nothing conservative about denying other Americans the ability to forge that same relationship with the person they love,”

    (h/t to Sully)


  3. Form the McArdle article:

    But I think there is something wrong when we set up a system where Helen Gurley Brown, or her modern-day equivalent, gets stuck in the secretarial pool forever because they’re missing a piece of paper.

    What is this ‘secretarial pool” she speaks of? I’m a licensed engineer (another form of credentialism) and I’ve had to do all my own typing for at least a decade.


  4. Fuck credentials!

    As the spouse of a school teacher, I am very familiar with rampant credentialism. Heck, as a licensed engineer (college degree, five-years experience, two eight-hour tests, a dozen hours of continuing ed each year), it bothers me that I am expected to get all sorts of other sub-credentials just to prove my worth.

    But McArdle makes here argument very poorly conflating credentialism with Beltway ivory-towerism. While related, they are not the same phenomenon.


  5. I’ll reread her post, but, w/the exception if the Imperial Chinese bureaucracy test, what she is talking about us where the degree is from and in what subjects, along with degree possession. Yes, she talks about work experience, but I get from her that the Elites seem to disdain actual business work, that it somehow detracts from ones ability to Rule by Regulation

    The official credentialism, the liscensing, is more State driven, no? Kind of guildy though, so maybe it can be considered the same thing.


  6. McCardle is not writing only of the beltway bubble, but also of the wall street bubble & the fortune 500 executive suite bubble. Those overlap one another to varying degrees, but overlap main street America very little. She’s not just talking about DC, but about the increasing class stratification and diminished class mobility that is becoming more entrenched in the US.


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