I hope everyone’s holidays are going well. I wanted to show you some pictures of a dog my wife and I rescued, we call him Puppa. About 6 months ago he showed up in my neighborhood, starving and looking forlorn. Whoever had him had put a shock collar on him:puppa starving

Puppa was very scared of people, yet wanted companionship. If you walked a dog, he’d follow you, but at a distance of no less than 10 feet. We took to feeding him, he loves hot dogs, and leaving out water. It took us two months to lure him over to my street and in front of my house. We couldn’t catch him however. No matter what we did, he’d never come any nearer than 10 feet. we even got some tranquilizers from my vet, with no luck. On Christmas morning I went out to feed him his holiday hot dogs when a SUV approached me, a woman inside asked me if Puppa was my dog. I told her it was a stray that I’d been trying to catch. It turns out she lives in an adjoining subdivision, works for a private animal rescue, and had noticed Puppa on a walk with her dog. She agreed to set up a trap that day, and if we caught him, to get him to the vet. Well, sure enough it worked! That afternoon, Puppa was in the trap!puppa trapped

The vet cut off the shock collar:photo (94) though I wont torture you with pictures of the horrible wound it left.

I take Puppa home on Wednesday and have visited him everyday. Yesterday he put his paw on my hand: Puppa

I haven’t had all that great a year, but it sure is ending well.

I miss commenting here, so I am going to resume

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


12 Responses

  1. McWing:

    I recommend you be careful. The government doesn’t always look kindly on people who rescue animals, especially (and ironically) those animals that are said to be “endangered”.


  2. Hah! I saw that. We need more laws.


  3. Oh McWing, what a fantastic way to come back to ATiM. I haven’t had that great of a year myself and perhaps we’ll both have a better 2013, if Puppa is any indication. Lucky dog to have found you and your wife.

    Happy New Year’s everyone!


  4. A wonderful story, Troll. Best of wishes to you and Puppa.



  5. Incidentally, the citation was evidently issued by someone with an axe to grind. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service apologized to the Capo family.



    • FB:

      Incidentally, the citation was evidently issued by someone with an axe to grind. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service apologized to the Capo family.

      I wonder if the SEC or the CFTC or any of the other myriad of regulatory agencies that routinely go after banks because of an axe to grind have ever apologized. Sounds like a double standard. 🙂


  6. Happy New Year, Scott.



  7. George, that’s beautiful! Thank you (and your wife) for putting in the time and effort to rescue Puppa, thank you for telling us about it, and thank you for coming back. 2012 is a year that I would like to mostly forget, so here’s to a much better 2013!


  8. Is there a Latin term for an act that is good in and of itself? If so, then it’s applicable here.


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