Merry Christmas, ATiM

This is Christmas!

So, Mark, does your family do what Elena Kagan does (or at least claimed she does in her confirmation hearings) and get Chinese food on Christmas day?  I think “Seinfeld” was where I heard that first.  And there’s always “A Christmas Story” and the introduction to Chinese turkey:

For some reason I can’t find either of these whole cartoons on youtube, but here’s the part that’s the core of the Charlie Brown special,

and here’s my very favorite song of the season

Don’t ask me why, but that song just struck me as wonderful when I was a little kid.  My parents tell me that I would get up and dance around to it every year when we watched the special on TV–maybe it’s that amazing bass voice.  But it’s also hard to top Nat King Cole:

At any rate, I hope that this holiday season has been a joyous, peaceful, and love-filled one for all of you.  And may 2013 be even better!

7 Responses

  1. Merry Christmas to ALL and to ALL a Merry HO HO HO ! And may 2013 be a GLORIOUS year for you and your loved ones.


  2. Merry Christmas or Seasonal Holiday Greeting Of Your Choice.

    Friends I have met on the internet who nominally Christian do what they call Jewish Christmas, dinner at a Chinese restaurant and a movie. I also have Jewish friends who do much the same although many celebrate Christmas as a Secular Gift Giving Holiday, much as it is treated in Japan.

    My wife and I are in Madison, Wisconsin where my son is having his first Christmas as an independent economic unit. We are staying at a motel near his one bedroom apartment because we have no desire to sleep on our former guest bedroom futon which is now his living room couch. About noon or so (since both he and my wife enjoy sleeping in mornings they can) we will go over and have a honey-baked ham and macaroni and cheese for Christmas dinner. And perhaps later we shall head out for a movie.

    Just a low-key family celebration.


  3. Merry Christmas to all!

    We celebrated having our daughter home last night with a nice dinner for the girls, their Dad and I, and opened a Christmas Eve tradition of new pajamas for everyone.

    Today we’re heading down with gifts and breakfast to our sons for more gifts and a fun day of games while wearing our new pajamas.

    I went to church Sunday morning for the inspiration and the music and for the first time in years my husband went with me. I call that a Christmas miracle.

    Stay safe everyone.


  4. My two favorite Christmas videos:


  5. ¡Felix Navidad! a todos.

    It’s been a year of some significant achievements and significant setbacks for me. In the end, I’m healthy, happy, and have a great family. Things worth remembering.



  6. That sounds like a lovely, low-key Christmas, yello. And, lms, the idea of new pajamas (and traveling in them!) sounds like a wonderful tradition.

    I’m leaving in a few minutes to go over to a friend’s for Christmas morning brunch with her, her boyfriend, and her oldest son and daughter-in-law. Then Christmas dinner tonight with some foodie friends (osso buco for dinner tonight). Have a wonderful day, folks!

    P.S. Nice videos, yello!


  7. Just put the turkey on the Weber… Low key with the in-laws.. Merry Christmas everyone.


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