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This may be of interest here:

Ignore a commenter

A number of our commenters have asked us to install an ignore button, which would allow a reader to ignore comments from another particular reader (you can’t ignore comments from badged Washington Post staffers). You can now do this directly from a comment thread. Hover over a reader’s comment and you’ll see the text “ignore user” in the bottom right corner of the comment. Click that and ALL comments from that reader will disappear from that (and any other) thread you read.”


10 Responses

  1. I immediately tried it out. I did have to clear my cache before the feature activated.


  2. How long ago was it that Kevin wrote TrollHunter and took care of this problem??? At least I’ll hopefully never have to read another Welder/Weldor “LOL” while I’m scrolling through the comments. . .


  3. Nope–doesn’t work in Chrome, even when I turn AdBlock off and refresh the page. Looks like their IT department still hasn’t worked out all the bugs. . .

    EDIT: yello is right; I had to go in and clear my cache to get it to work.


  4. I’m mixed on an ignore feature. I’d probably never use one, but wouldn’t begrudge those who do. but you run the risk of a place becoming even more of an echo chamber. does it work for a particular page — only PL for example — or is it site wide?


    • It’s site wide. Ignore somebody once, you ignore them everywhere. So far I have only ignored one fairly notorious troll. There are no combo PL/ATiM members that I would ignore based just on political views. It’s behavior I get annoyed with. Which raises the question of if and when I would ignore someone who supports my views but does so in an obnoxious way.

      The Law of Unintended Consequences suggests the site will end up flooded with sock puppets and one-time drive-bys.


  5. i think registration and self policing is the best way to go. if you’re a regular you know the score and read/comment accordingly.


  6. The only person I’ve ignored is Welder/Weldor, and back when Kevin had written TrollHunter there were only two people I ignored (brigade and someone who’s handle escapes me, but was probably W/W in a previous incarnation). And, like yello, I ignore them for behavioral reasons rather than opinion reasons.


    • Weldor went on immediately. A few are getting on my last nerve already. The problem is that the barrier to entry is too low to become a commenter. You don’t even need a valid verified e-mail address. I would not give anonymity away, but there has to be some way to discourage sockpuppeting.


  7. who has the time/energy to sockpuppet.

    gawker had a story about how they identified a troll from reddit. the troll ended up getting fired.



  8. I have to say that it’s fantastic! I’m not much for ignoring folks, though have used it twice today. Once was a commenter whose handle was a slightly rejiggered Fuck Obama (Buck Ofama). If your handle is a thinly disguised vulgarity, you’re gone. The other happened when we had a substantive thread going and someone came in to troll (generic anti-liberal screed).

    More important was that the entire level of discussion was substantially higher than before. I won’t be ignoring Jake, La Zia, Quarterback as they present their viewpoint. I also saw Banned return. It was fun today, much more so than in awhile.



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