Saturday Football Open Thread (Week 14)

Big Game Day today:

Oklahoma is at TCU (line: OU, spread 8).  Boomer Sooner!  Update:  Sooners win 24 – 17 and have at least a share of the Big Twelve title.  Woo hoo!

Pittsburgh is playing USF (line: Pitt, spread 4.5).  Go, Bulls (Pitt has to win this to become bowl eligible)!  Update:  Pitt wins 27 – 3.

Florida State is at Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship (line: FSU, spread 13).  Yello, if you don’t watch the game we might get a big upset here!  🙂 Update:  FSU wins 21 – 15.

Texas is taking on Kansas State (line: K State, spread 11, which seems awfully large to me).  Hook ’em, Horns!  Update: KSU wins 42 – 24.

Nebraska is playing Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship (line: Nebraska, spread 2.5).  No matter who wins, ATiM is going to the Rose Bowl.  Woo hoo!  Update:  UW crushes Nebraska 70 – 24.  Whoa.

Update on an important but not ATiM-related game:  Alabama wins the SEC championship 32 – 28 when a Georgia player slipped after a pass reception on a first-and-goal in the last five seconds of the game.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

17 Responses

  1. okie:

    That Jones-to-Saunders pass at the end of the first half was a thing of beauty!


  2. How did GT end up in ACC conf championship game?


  3. My guess, Mark (at least until yello weighs in), is that 1/2 of the ACC sucks! 🙂


  4. Did you see the muffed punt?


  5. Yes–but it looks like they’re going to get lucky with TCU not being able to take advantage.


  6. FG.


  7. My two favorite teams are Georgia Tech and whoever is playing the University (sic) of Georgia. It seems only one of them won today.

    GT ended the season at 6-6 after a lost to SEC runner-up University (sic) of Georgia, but at 5-3 in the conference, they were tied with Miami and North Carolina for the lead of the Coastal Division. Miami had beat GT in the regular season but pre-emptively declared themselves post-season ineligible because of a pending player scandal. That made GT the team to be forced to be cannon fodder for #12 FSU.

    Now that Tech is 6-7, the question is whether they will get a bowl bid.


  8. OK, gotta ask: why the (sic)? 🙂


  9. Hello to everyone. I’m still going to be scarce until after the first of the year due to press of personal business. Among which is holiday canning this weekend (and I have the cuts and burns to prove it). Hot pepper jelly is done, just hoping it sets up this year. Part of the salsa is done and canned but still a couple of batches to go. Next up today is apple butter, the most time consuming one I do. Wishing my apple corer worked better; I’m going to have to get a better one before next year.

    Saw most of the OU game. I thought they looked more in control of the game than the score sounded. We got ZERO help from Texas; what the hell is up with the Longhorns this year, Mark? I think Bama is the better team, but was rooting for UGA. Nonetheless really looking forward to a Bama-ND match.

    And hooray on Kiffin. Hope it’s true. I wonder who the next sucker will be to hire him.


  10. I got onto football late. We had a birthday party for Primo and Secondo yesterday (pool party at the Chinquapin Rec Center). It went well overall. The pizza wasn’t that great as I had hopes for a relatively new place in the neighborhood (note to NoVa – I wouldn’t bother with Café Pizzaoili, though it’s a nice place).

    By the time I had them in bed (after a showing of How to Train Your Dragon), I clicked on the K-State/UT game at halftime. One look at the UW-NU score and I was glad I don’t have cable. K-State put on a nice show.

    Meanwhile, in pro ball, the Chiefs are redefining having a bad year. I remember a few years ago when a star player in the defense died in a traffic accident on I-29. The road was icy and too many people drive like bats out of hell on it. My thoughts for the Chiefs and their families.



  11. The Pitt game was the final nail in the coaching coffin for Skip Holtz at USF. Wonder who we’ll get to replace him … hopefully not Kiffin.


  12. Thanks for the heads up on the pizza place, FB.

    The end of Alabama game was some of the worst clock management that I can recall.

    Got to see the Steelers in person yesterday and beating Baltimore is so much fun.


  13. NoVa – Have you ever been to Pike Pizza? Their salteñas (kind of a Bolivian calzone) are terrific.



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