Saturday Football Open Thread (Week 13)

Abbreviated version this week.  Early games:  Texas lost to TCU, Arizona lost to Arizona State, USF lost to Cincinnati, Utah beat Colorado and Nebraska beat Iowa.  Up today:

Georgia Tech is at Georgia  Update: Georgia 42 – 10 

Michigan is at osu  Update:  osu 26 – 21

Boston College is at North Carolina State Update: NCSU 27 – 10

Michigan State is at Minnesota  Update: MSU 26 – 10

Oklahoma State is at Oklahoma Update:  Oklahoma wins a barn burner 51 – 48 in OT

Wisconsin is at Penn State Update: PSU 24 – 21 in OT

And, of course, Notre Dame is at USC  Update:  Notre Dame does it 22 – 13

May the right teams win!

5 Responses

  1. Made it home safely, got everything unloaded, and finished about an hour ago greeting all the mammals and assuring them I’m home for a while. Unfortunately I did not get away from Tulsa metro nearly as early as planned and got caught in the OK Bedlam football traffic. Solid traffic as far as the eye could see, resulting in traffic moving at either 50 mph if a couple of poky drivers (all, I’m sure from Okie State!) were driving side by side or at 90+ mph when the logjam broke. Nothing in between (speed limit is 75 mph). I was surprised that I did not see a single OHP the entire trip. It mostly balanced out and the drive only took about 30 minutes longer than usual. I’m exhausted and sleep deprived but afraid if I take a nap I will not wake up for the bedlam game. After the OU game I may have to succumb even at the risk of sleeping through the ND-USC game.

    Boomer Sooner!


  2. Welcome home, okie!


    • Kelley, you should know that of the six spam messages I just dumped, three praised this football thread for its insight and keys to knowledge.

      Great work, ‘Goose!


  3. Got no dog in the bedlam fight but I think it might be a really good game. I would have to favor OU if I were betting, as long as the line did not favor OU by more than 6 1/2.

    Want ND to beat USC badly enough to send Kiffin packing.


  4. Thanks, michi. I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday as much as I am, and part of that for me is being back home no matter how much I love seeing my family. Edit: Michi, what happened to Michigan in the second half?

    Mark, I write this at halftime of the tied OU game. You were prescient. It is a really good game if you don’t mind some turnovers. And I join you in wanting ND to beat USC badly enough to send Kiffin packing. That sentence was worth repeating. I consider him to be unsportsmanlike and wish he were not a coach at Div I school.

    Update: And in the time it took me to type this comment, Okie State scored a TD on first play of the second half. It’s Bedlam!


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