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  1. Twinkies and Wonder will supposedly survive. Bimbo and Flowers are interested in the brands.


  2. More on Twinkies themselves.


  3. I’m old enough to remember when they came wrapped in tin foil and had cut out trading cards (baseball, football and others) on the back of the box. For some reason, I think they tasted better in the 1970’s but so did Coca Cola. Perhaps it was real sugar vs high fructose corn syrup.


  4. Is this just a union-busting bluff or a real threat? The real question in our freefall economy is how sticky wages are. Career changers and job switchers are used to having to take pay cuts, but to drop the salaries of people on the floor just sounds tough to pull off.


  5. “Die Hard (1988)

    Convenience Store Clerk: [Powell with an armload of Twinkies] I thought you guys just ate doughnuts.
    Sergeant Al Powell: Heh. They’re for my wife.
    Convenience Store Clerk: [sarcastically] Yeah.
    Sergeant Al Powell: She’s pregnant.
    Convenience Store Clerk: Yeah.
    Sergeant Al Powell: Bag it.
    Convenience Store Clerk: Big time. ”


    Sergeant Al Powell: “Sugar, enriched flour, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, polysorbate 60 and yellow dye #5. Everything a growing boy needs.”


  6. “yellojkt, on November 16, 2012 at 9:42 am said:

    Is this just a union-busting bluff or a real threat?”

    Neither. They actually filed. It’s a done deal on liquidation.


  7. Customer: This is what I think of your store *scrunches up a twinkie*
    Apu: Silly customer! You cannot hurt a twinkie!

    did the union think they were bluffing?


  8. Also — Die Hard annual holiday viewing. that and Love Actually.


  9. “novahockey, on November 16, 2012 at 9:52 am said:

    did the union think they were bluffing?”

    It’s always unfortunate when the economy & markets don’t work the way that one believes that they should.


    • It would be interesting to know how the Locals were engaged. I have had tough negotiations with a national rep where the Local undermined the National position in my client’s favor. From what I heard on NPR, it seemed that local members had been going down with the ship on two previous reorgs [that included agreed give backs]this decade and did not think there was any future to the company, no matter what.

      I don’t think they thought it was a bluff. I think they were ready to abandon ship.


  10. What type of benefits will the laid off workers get, if any? Meaning I can’t see why they should qualify for unemployment. Their union played chicken and lost.


  11. nova:

    I can’t see why they should qualify for unemployment. Their union played chicken and lost.

    It was just one of the unions that brought this to a close — the baker’s union. Hostess had an agreement with the Teamsters already. The 70% of the workforce that wasn’t part of the baker’s union didn’t cause the shutdown. Why would you deny them unemployment?


  12. Did they cross the picket line for the striking bakers union?

    if yes, i can see a case for benefits. if no, they they effectively voted to strike and made their choice. Based on what I’ve seen that’s unclear if teamsters crossed or not.

    either way, this makes it sound like the teamsters do qualify


  13. Thanks for the link Nova. Looks like I was mistaken about the filing. It’s scheduled for 11/19, but I don’t believe there’s any going back at this point.


  14. I had no idea you guys were such a bunch of Twinkie aficionados! I’ll do some searching over the weekend, but I think Alton Brown deconstructed a Twinkie once on Good Eats and figured out how to make them at home. . .

    And, NoVA, that is almost as unlikely a pair of movies to be watched in close proximity to each other as I think I’ve ever seen! Couple compromise? 🙂


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