[A Woefully Inadequate] Saturday Football Thread (Week 9)

Ah, apparently Michi is not posting a football thread, and apparently I did not fully credit how much I enjoyed them.  Not sure which teams need to be tracked here, but if everybody would insert their teams into the post it would be appreciated.  For the ones I know about:

Not to play favorites, I think the top game this week is ND at OU.  It should be quite a game, although I don’t really get the spread (OU by 12) unless the perception is that Jones is getting in the groove at qb and the offense finally is gelling for OU.  Boomer Sooner!

UT is at KS.  KS is living by itself in the Big 12 cellar, so have to assume UT was favored but don’t have a spread.  KS was ahead much of the game but UT pulled it out in the last minute 21-17.  Tough year for the Horns.  Mark, any insight on what’s going on here?

MSU is at #25 WI (spread WI by 5.5).  Michi, this could be a big win for your guys.

USF hosts Syracuse this evening (spread USF by 3).  Mike, is this “your” team?

BYU will play soon at GT (spread GT by 2.5).

osu is favored by 1.5 at PSU.  Hope I’m wrong, but I think this one might be a snoozer.

#22 Michigan is at NE (spread NE by 1).  This might be a pretty good game.

Not sure who among us is an MN fan, but they host Purdue which is favored by 2.

In some other Top 25 games, #2 FL at #10 GA (spread FL by 6.5) and #14 Texas Tech at #3 Kansas State (spread KSU by 7.5) might be worth a watch.  And of course unbeatens #11 Miss St at #1 AL (spread Bama by 22.5); don’t think Miss St is the one destined to pull off the upset.

So who did I miss?

And who has a World Series report?

10 Responses

  1. okie:

    Thanks for putting up the CFB thread.

    USF is my team as long as I’m employed by them. Up 23-3 at half. My former employer is down big to osu.

    Lots of upsets — UF loses to UGA (17-9), AZ over USC (39-36), Kent over RU (35-23), Miami of OH over Ohio (23-20), and … wait for it … Spartans over the Badgers in OT!!

    Boomer Sooner!


  2. Definitely lots of big upsets. Have to admit, I’m always glad to see a Lane Kiffin team lose. Tough first half for OU. Guess I’ll have to wait for some explanation with replays cause I’m still not seeing the penalty on the called back touchdown. But a good game so far.


  3. All I can say is, ND is the better team. They pretty much thumped OU. (And having seen some replays, I think it was a good call on the called back OU TD.)

    Nebraska upsetting Michigan did not surprise me.


  4. I’m surprised at the ND-OU score. And USF continues its late game meltdowns.

    The B1G is just a mess this year. The best team is ineligible for postseason play and the rest are just middling teams. Heck, Northwestern is a missed 4th quarter FG against Nebraska away from being at the top of the Legends division.

    And the Giants pitching is just manhandling the Tigers hitting. I didn’t expect that either.


  5. Thanks for putting this totally wonderful post up, okie! Been a weird end of a week for me and I’ve been mostly offline.


  6. Hi, michi. Hope all is okay. You do the college football post so well, and I had not been properly appreciative.

    It’s “chili time” in my world. Not only did we get a cold snap (and I DO mean “cold”), my college’s annual chili cook-off is this coming week. With mark’s permission, I’m going to enter the chili recipe he posted about this time last year (and if I don’t hear “no” from him in the next day or two, I’m running with it) as well as the vegetarian recipe I won with last year but with not so much heat to it.

    All of you have such great humor, I’m hoping for some help. Part of the contest this year is the name you give your entries (prize for best name). Any suggestions? I’m trying to work “mark” into it but not coming up with anything great.


  7. okie:

    Mark may be incommunicado for a couple days (as might be our Mid-Atlantic/Northeast ATiMers) due to Sandy/Frankenstorm. All y’all up north, take care!

    As for names, how about “The Mark of Chili Greatness”? Too arrogant? “On the Mark Chili”?


  8. Thanks, Mike. Good start on names.

    I’m a bit concerned that we have quite a few folks in the storm’s path and hope all is well for them.


  9. okie:

    How about “Leave a Mark” chili, depending on how spicy you’re going to make it?


    • Thanks, Mike! I like “Leave a Mark.” But we got word this morning that the chili cook-off has been postponed until February; not sure what’s up with that, but it certainly buys me some time to think of a name. (Maybe they got wind of what I was going to cook up and all got scared off. Haha.)


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