Conservatives Are Easier to Disgust

Or, liberals are hard to disgust. At least, when using things traditionally considered disgusting:

Although I bet you could find that lefties had high levels of disgust towards Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter and Ronald Reagan. 😉

Context, context, context.

I’m not that easy to disgust, but it’s not impossible. I guess that makes me a moderate.

Being reminded that you should wash your hands apparently makes people more conservative. There’s a strategy for the GOP moving forward. Forget these commercials about Romney and Obama and whatnot. Just start bankrolling PSAs that remind people to wash their hands!

7 Responses

  1. Hi, Kev. We are on vacation in the northeast, looking at fall colors nonexistent in Austin, and are now afraid we will be trapped for two extra days by the hurricane. So I was online looking at weather and options, and took the time to watch this Ted talk. Kinda fun.

    “Squeamish”, I used to think, was different than “disgust”. I realize that my personal set of definitions need work! General “yuk” factor may be how I need to think of disgust, now.
    Still, when I leave a confrontation with no respect for my adversary, win or lose, I think my emotion is “disgust”. Or when I watch UT’s defense, studded with 4* and 5* recruits, flatly refuse to tackle, I think my emotion is “disgust”. So this was good for me to watch, broadening my horizon.

    In 7th grade, I came home and asked my dad what a “queer” was. He told me it was a man who liked to put the penis of another man in his mouth. My mother yelled “JIM”!
    I felt nauseated. That is what this TED is about.


  2. Being reminded that you should wash your hands apparently makes people more conservative.

    Unintended consequences of trying to prevent virus transmission … you make people more conservative. Weird.


  3. Comment not for the faint of heart: turns out that women are less disgusted than men are. Good thing for the continuation of the species!

    Scientists read everything. . .


  4. Michi:

    Not to get too picky, but the study subjects in the PLoS One paper you linked to were all females, so there wasn’t any gender comparison. The do cite a reference (6) that suggests that similar findings have been published for men. But in both cases, sexual arousal was required to attenuate the disgust.

    So, it looks like we can counteract making people more conservative via advocating hand-washing by providing sexual stimuli. Pornographic paper towels for everyone!


  5. I knew you’d read it, Mike, but I wasn’t sure if anyone else would. 🙂

    Porn paper towels seems like a small price to pay for liberalism. So subversive!


  6. Did your video cut out before it was completely finished in favor of an IBM ad?


  7. Michi:
    “Scientists read everything …”
    Figured it was a test 😉


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