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  1. Romney looks like he’s gotten some sun. Not as tan as at a Hispanic conference but a little pink.


  2. Watching football–I’d actually forgotten about the debate! Will go tune in and see if anything interesting is happening. . .


  3. Obama certainly seems to be pretty darn aggressive so far.


  4. The few moments I saw were of WMR using vague generalities that could describe current policy as his administration’s approach. Then he threw out some facts to sound informed. 80 million Egyptians!


  5. Giants 5-0 in the 3rd, Bears 10-0 at the end of the 1st.


  6. Oooooohhhhhhhhhh–the Prez gets off a good one about Romney’s not understanding the military budget (“there’s a reason we have fewer ships–we’ve got a lot fewer bayonets, too!”).


  7. We must not let a horses and bayonets gap develop,


  8. “We’ve got these things called aircraft carriers–planes land on them.”

    Ha! I’d love to know if he did that off the cuff or not.


  9. Gov. Romney doesn’t sound too authoritative.

    Just noticed that the Prez is also wearing his pink breast cancer awareness bracelet–cool!


  10. Tweet by a guy named Shelby White that I saw on NBCNew’s site:

    A Horse with a Bayonet is a Unicorn. #Debates

    Too funny!


  11. That appeared to be the strategy of Obama coming into the first debate, executed badly. Romney thinks he has momentum that will carry the election. He has positioned himself well, but Obama has the kind of ground game that won re-election for W.



  12. I didn’t bother to watch the debate tonight and Greg Sargent at the Plum Line nicely articulates the reason why:

    “The downer of the night came when Romney strongly endorsed Obama’s drone policy, and moderator Bob Schieffer moved right along. The result: Obama faced zero tough questions about it. That’s just terrible, and reflective of the overall narrowness of the debate. ”


    I’m definitely a Gary Johnson voter. There will be no significant changes to foreign policy, regardless of whether Romney or Obama is elected.


    • If GJ had been there he might have pointed out that MX was more important, FAR more important, to our national security than Israel and that the interminable War on Drugs was indirectly killing more of our potential friendlies than Assad was in Syria.


  13. I had band practice, so I missed the debate and the Lions game, thus saving some of my sanity…


  14. Lucky you. I watched one and listened to the other. . . maybe I should have done it the other way around!


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