Saturday Football Open Thread (Week 8)

Halfway mark, and this week’s post will be short and sweet because I got tied up last night and the first kickoffs are in just an hour. Thursday there must have been something in the air in Texas, because SMU beat Houston 72 – 42 (that sounds like a basketball score–are we sure it was played in a stadium?). Oregon beat Arizona State 43 – 21 in Pac-12 action, then last night Syracuse beat UConn 40 – 10. Today’s games:

Oklahoma State is hosting Iowa State (line: OSU, spread 13). That other osu is hosting Purdue (line: osu, spread 14.5). Go, Boilermakers!

Minnesota is at Wisconsin (line: UW, spread 17.5). I love ’em both, so bsimon and Brent get to argue over this one.

Stanford is playing Cal (line: Stanford, spread 1.5).

Boston College is visiting Georgia Tech (line: GT, spread 13). Scott and yellojkt can go at it in comments.

Nebraska is at Northwestern (line: Nebraska, spread 7).

BYU is playing Notre Dame in an independents’ battle (line: ND, spread 14).

USF is at Louisville (line: Louisville, spread 9). Go, Bulls!

MSU is in The Big House this week (line: UM, spread 10.5). The only game that can salvage the season. . . Go Green, Go White!

Kansas is at Oklahoma (line: OU, spread 35.5). Boomer Sooner!

Baylor is at Texas for one of the late games tonight (line: UT, spread 13) and Penn State is at Iowa for another (line: Iowa, spread 1.5).

Finally, Washington is at Arizona for the really late games (line: ‘Cats, spread 4.5) and Utah at Oregon State is the other (line: OSU, spread 7.5).

Happy Saturday!

19 Responses

  1. I don’t have a sports opinion, but I just wanted to say thanks for still posting after the past week.


  2. Thanks, jnc.


    • Thanx for the post, Kelley. So who now has the inside track for the Rose Bowl from the Big Ten? I can easily see Oregon going to the National Championship against the SEC winner. I’m going to guess the Big Ten winner then gets to play the Big 12 winner, as in 2005.


  3. I cannot believe osu managed to pull that game out against Purdue.


  4. MSU bites the dust. bleh!


  5. USF bit it too. Couldn’t hold a lead for 3 minutes at the end.


  6. After the Middle Tennessee State debacle, it’s about time GT won something.


  7. All B1G games count, but OSU and PSU are not bowl eligible this year. Looks like it will be Michigan vs. Wisconsin in the B1G title game. OSU and PSU in State College next week for bragging rights in the Leaders division. And they might be the best two teams in the B1G anyways. Wisconsin plays both OSU and PSU coming up, so I think they lose at least one of those two games.

    It’s pathetic — I don’t think any B1G team was in the BCS top 25 last week.


    • I just saw the computer rankings are out and have FL #1 and K. St. #2.

      I am fine with the conventional wisdom that the SEC champ gets to the MNC game. In the 4 remaining bowls, the b1G gets the Rose, but nothing else, this year. A second SEC team will make a BCS bowl. A Big East team will make one, an ACC team will make one, If Oregon doesn’t make the MNC [and I think it should, right now] it gets the Rose.

      Total of 10 slots. 2 SEC + 1 auto for each of the other five BCS conferences. That leaves three more slots to fill. If ND only loses once, it will get one. I bet ND loses to the Land Thieves next week and to USC. That would give the PAC and the 12 each probable second qualifiers. Then a 2 loss ND? Boise? Another ACC or BigE team? I don’t think either Rutgers or Louisville are real, in the sense that 4 SEC teams and 2 Big 12 teams and Oregon are. I’ll give you a FL St. in the ACC, but who else? And I don’t think ND is impressive, but I do think they are real. Figure USC as the PAC’s second qualifier, but I have not seen Ore. St. Has anyone else?


  8. Totally OT (but if I can’t go OT on my own post. . . )

    This is awesome:

    Please watch it all the way through. It seems not everybody in Missouri is crazy.


    • Cool preacher.

      At one time 30 states had anti-miscegenation laws. TX’s was set aside by Loving. The laws were doomed after the CA Supremes decided Perez, after WW2. TX recognized CA interracial marriages so how could it enforce a ban on same in TX?


  9. Michi:

    He could probably have done that with a lot of speeches against miscegenation as well — a lot of parallels between the arguments against SSM and those against interracial marriage.

    It might be interesting to get Mark’s historical take on anti-miscegenation laws as Loving was decided around the time he graduated law school. In fact, I think TX had a anti-miscegenation law that was invalidated by Loving.


  10. I think MI had such laws (although I could be wrong). I do know that all of my parents’ generation had strong feelings on it.

    One of my favorite parts about that video is watching the expressions on the faces of the people in the audience. At first the were all ready to dismiss him out of hand as a nutjob, then. . .


  11. BTW, at least the Pack won. . . I was headed for an oh-fer weekend without them!


  12. It’s interesting that so many anti-miscegenation laws survived until Perez v. Sharp. Half of those bit the dust before Loving — unsurprisingly, the ones that remained were in the South.

    Going to a Game 7 for the NLCS! Go Giants!

    Oh, and MIT beat Salve Regina, 20-19. TD in the last minute on Senior Day.


  13. Was in South Bend this weekend with Mrs. NoVa and her college friends

    Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame,
    Wake up the echoes cheering her name,
    Send a volley cheer on high,
    Shake down the thunder from the sky.
    What though the odds be great or small
    Old Notre Dame will win over all,
    While her loyal sons are marching
    Onward to victory.

    Look out Oklahoma!


    • I think ND is “real” as I wrote, earlier. But what is their statement game? Stanford in OT? BYU in a close defensive match?

      I am guessing ND loses both to the Land Thieves next week and to USC. I think they will not be embarrassed, in either game, b/c they seem to be pretty damned solid on D. If they win both, which might happen, they probably will beat out ORE and K. St. to play the SEC champ in the MNC. Why? B/C they are ND. If they lose both, they may still get a birth in a BCS game. Why? B/C they are ND.

      I actually think that ND does not have the speed for OU or USC or an SEC team, or ORE, K. St., or Fl St.. But we will see. Maybe they can get Rutgers in their BCS game. I would guess Fl. St. in the Orange for them, if they are 11-1 or even 10-2. If it goes the way I think it is going, SEC winner will play ORE in MNC, Orange would get Fl. St. v. ND, Rose would get K. St. against unlucky B1G, Fiesta would get OU against hapless Big East, Sugar would get SEC runner up against USC [or Ore St., which I have not seen play this year, and I am just wildly guessing].


  14. The “b/c they are ND” legitimately is annoying. it’s been a source of debate at home. But, it’s a fight I can’t win, so onto the bandwagon instead. And their linebacker Manti Te’o is an absolute joy to watch. as a Steelers fan i like tho think I know a little about good linebackers.

    I think the rest of your comment is spot on.


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