Saturday Football Open Thread (Week 6)

The weather is changing–here in SLC we had our first dip into the 30s last night for the overnight low.  Leaves are starting to turn, the presidential debates have started, and in 31 days we’ll be voting. . . time for the football to get serious!  First up this week, Utah lost to USC here in Salt Lake Thursday night; after a fluky start in which the Utes scored 14 points in the first 2:15 or so, the Trojans went on to dominate 38 – 28.  Last night Syracuse beat Pitt 14 – 13–Scott, was it a good game or just close?  Incidentally, BYU beat USU 6 – 3 in what, from the last five minutes of the game that I saw, had to be two of the most inept offenses on display this week.  Up for us in ATiM-world today:

MSU is at Indiana (line: MSU, spread 16).  Maybe we could win one this week, guys?  Go Green Go White!

Northwestern is playing Penn State (line: Northwestern, spread 3).  Northwestern is 6 – 0 on the season so far, so this should be a good game to watch (noon EDT on ESPN).

Unless you’re watching USF at Temple (line: USF, spread 4.5).  This one you’ll probably have to stream to watch–Go Bulls!

BC is at Army (line: BC, spread 9.5) also at the same time on CBS.  That’s going to be a busy time for remote controls!  Go, Eagles!

Arizona plays at Stanford (line: Stanford, spread 9.5).  Despite the prediction, everybody is talking about Stanford’s problems with their quarterback. . . maybe the ‘Cats can sneak one in.  Go, Wildcats!

Georgia Tech is at Clemson (line: Clemson, spread 10.0).  The Yellow Jackets are 4 – 1 against Clemson since 2008–yello?  Will they go 5-1 today?

Wisconsin is hosting Illinois (line: UW, spread 11.5).  Go, Badgers!

Oklahoma takes on Texas Tech (line: OU, spread 4.0).  Can I hear a Sooner cheer here, okie?!?

Michigan is at Purdue (line: UM, spread 3.0).  M Go Blue!

Texas hosts West Virginia (line: UT, spread 7.0) in what promises to be an outstanding game.  It’ll be on FOX at 7:00 pm EDT.  Hook ’em, ‘Horns!

Nebraska is at osu (line: osu, spread 3.0).  This game will be on ABC at 8:00 EDT, and the Cornhuskers are my favorite team playing this evening.  Go, ‘Huskers!

Happy football Saturday to all!

4 Responses

  1. You know you’re a CFB junkie when you have the TV going with one game and two ESPN Gamecasts going on your computer.

    Nothing like passing out in front of CFB games after a Saturday morning conference ….


  2. Of course, michi: Boomer Sooner! But other games this week are more important in the national picture.

    Like, Georgia/SC and UT/WVU, and even LSU/Florida. I’m glad we’re getting past the cupcake games and more into the meat of the season.


    • OU looked like OU again. UT has no D. Lost 48-45 to WVa. Right now, best ‘Horns can hope for is a shootout in the RRR next week. I’d bet on the Land Thieves, if I c-c-could emotionally b-bet against the ‘Horns.

      WVa’s Geno Smith is not as good as RG3, but he is this year’s best college QB.

      Penn State’s team has weathered the adversity. Arky looks like it is finally regaining its spirit, which was broken by its own coaching scandal.

      YJ, better luck next week.

      I’m gone ’til tonight.


  3. And Clemson wins. It looks like Georgia Tech’s consecutive bowl game appearance streak is doomed.


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