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  1. The pointy-haired boss is confusing ‘libertarian’ with ‘libertine’, a common mistake.

    I had always thought Elbonia was in eastern Europe and not Thailand.

    True story: On a school group trip to Budapest, the budget hotel we were staying at had a sign on the front desk in English and Hungarian basically warning that 12 will get you 20. I also seemed to have been oblivious to the hooker working the lobby which all my traveling companions noticed.


  2. I was in Bangkok once and was completely obviously to the western men w/ young Thai girls phenomenon. until my wife pointed it out. then i noticed it everywhere.


  3. When I lived in HK, I knew a guy (westerner) who regularly (and shamelessly) vacationed to Thailand in order to partake in the local professionals. He told me a story once about getting back to his hotel, at which he was a regular, with a woman he had “met” in a bar. The concierge, who was familiar with his routine, for some reason began to make a big fuss when they entered the hotel. After an animated conversation with the woman in Thai, the woman stalked off and left my friend standing in the lobby alone. Finally the concierge turned and said simply “lady-boy”.


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