NCAA Men’s Final Four: A Word from Madame Commish

A number of the pundits I’ve read this week seem to think the championship is Kentucky’s to lose.  Ahhh, but tournaments are won one game at a time and today it’s Louisville vs. Kentucky, followed by Ohio State-Kansas.

The two Bluegrass State teams met earlier this season.  In that matchup, Kentucky committed a lot of turnovers and shot badly from the floor, yet still managed to win.  And the Wildcats have played very well during the tournament, averaging 88 points per game and shooting over 50%.  ‘Course, they haven’t met anything like the Cardinals’ defense in the last two weeks, either.  And it’s the Louisville defense that holds the potential for an upset.

The evening’s second game features two solid defenses with rugged playing styles.  Kansas beat Ohio State back in December, but OSU’s key player, Jared Sullinger, didn’t play that day.  Kansas has to stay out of foul trouble and have better accuracy with three-pointers, while OSU needs a balanced offensive attack.  Most of the pundits I’ve read are giving this one to the Buckeyes of OSU.

10 Responses

  1. I think neither game is a sure thing, but that KY should win, and that OH St. v. KU is a toss-up b/c of the Buckeyes’ depth. The starting fives give KU an edge, but a slight one.

    I expect the second game will be better than the first one.

    I dislike Calipari for previously stated reasons and have Louisville left one of my brackets – so while Rosanne and I are seeing the movie from Iran I hope L’ville pressures KY into submission.


  2. I hope L’ville pressures KY into submission.

    It’s pretty close. Kentucky by 5 early in the 2nd half.

    As I typed that, KY got a bit o’ mojo and it’s now Kentucky by 9.


    • Well, Kansas won without Taylor hitting from outside, according to the box score I just read. Robinson and Withey will not be overpowered by KY and Johnson, Relerford, and Taylor will not be out run, but KY has a huge depth advantage and both Robinson and Withey will be on the floor a lot of minutes. So you have to think KY. But we have to pull for Kansas.

      The movie was excellent. A Separation. I give it an “A”. From Iran. Won a bunch of awards.


  3. The ONLY good thing I can say about the games tonight is that I watched them with a friend. THBBTF, as Bill the Cat would say. Although there is a Dane, who I explained March Madness to as we watched MSU lose last week, who might be feeling bad about OSU tonight, so there is that. Hands across the sea and all. . .

    There’s always next year!


  4. I’m still not quite sure how Kansas won that second game, but there it is.

    The ATiM Rocks leaderboard now looks thusly:
    • DogJS: 223
    • Moderately Yello: 170
    • USF Baby: 149
    • MIA#2: 144
    • MIA#4: 136
    • ashot: 135
    • Michigoose#2: 127
    • MsJS: 115

    While some can move a notch or two up the leaderboard with a Kentucky win on Monday, no one’s going to catch DogJS. In my capacity as Madame Commissioner, I hereby declare DogJS the official winner of the ATiM Rocks pool. Congratulations to him, and I thank all who participated in or followed the festivities.


    • I’m still not quite sure how Kansas won that second game, but there it is

      I just finished watching the recording. KU attached Withey to Sullinger and played man, straight up, in the second half. They are an excellent defensive team and did to OH St. in the second half what they did to UNC. They significantly outrebounded OH St. Their starting five plays well together and has terrific foot speed, except for Withey, who is no stiff. He blocked 7 or 8 shots. Did the same to UNC. But if Taylor shoots like he did last night KY could win by 10. If Robinson got into foul trouble, it would be all over. If Withey got into foul trouble it would be all over. The other three won’t get into foul trouble. So Taylor has to shoot well, Johnson and Releford have to bring their best, and Withey and Robinson have to stay out of foul trouble for the game to be even, assuming KY plays to form.


    • Also, a dog won.


  5. Also, a dog won.

    Your point being….


  6. Also, a dog won.

    Just be glad it wasn’t a cat. They’d rub it in for the whole next year–the dog will be a gracious winner. When do we get to see a pic of the fabulous prize, MsJS??

    I filed my income tax returns (feds and state) today and will be getting modest refunds back from both. The date seemed apropos, somehow.


  7. If KU loses to UK tonight, it’ll hurt being passed by Scott on THAT result.

    I’m out here in KC. It was spring break for the kids and Mrs. Blade is working this week. So, I took a week’s leave and road tripped the boys to their grandparents’ home in KC. It was a lot of fun having breakfast in Louisville on Saturday morning. I proudly wore my bright red and blue KU jacket.



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