Who’s still got game?

Sixteen teams remain.  Which of our astute ATiM’ers have the staying power to win?

Current standings:

  1. USF Baby 129 pts. (9 teams left, 3 of this bracket’s FF teams are still in the hunt)
  2. DogJS 120 pts. (11, 4)
  3. Moderately Yello 116 pts. (9, 3)
  4. MIA#2 105 pts. (10, 3)
  5. MIA#4 103 pts. (10, 2)
  6. ashot 91 pts. (10, 3)
  7. Michigoose#2 88 pts. (9, 2)
  8. Blade Warriors 81 pts. (8, 1)

USF Baby and MIA#2 may be hurting a bit now that a key player on their projected champion (Kendall Marshall of UNC) is likely out with a wrist fracture.  Marshall had 18 points and 11 assists in UNC’s victory over Creighton on Sunday.

Others can still move onto the leaderboard list depending on upsets and the like.

The action moves to the women’s tourney, and we’ll resume our coverage of the men’s games on Thursday.

One Response

  1. msjs, thanks for the update.

    ashot, you can be confident that you bested three domestic animals.


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