Bits & Pieces (Friday Night Open Mic)

DNA Nanorobots can deliver a cancer-destroying payload to take the fight to leukemia. Yay, technology!

How was it that bad ass bounty hunter Boba Fett could be killed accidentally by a blind Han Solo? Finally, the truth can be told.



You can’t make this shit up: $6 Trillion in Fake U.S. Bonds Seized in Mafia Probe Were Part of a Plan to Buy Plutonium.

Oh, Obama. I want to keep liking you, but you make it so hard. Among the many campaign promises President Obama has largely broken, his promise to leave medical marijuana legalization to the states (where it ought to be, IMHO) has come to naught.

I may have mentioned, I am an on and off writer of various fictions (mainly off), but here’s one I wrote that I like: “Rain on Mars“. How can it rain on Mars? Read it and see!

I’m in the process of sporadically writing a fantasy novel that apparently engages in every fantasy cliche every committed by aspiring unpublished writers of fantasy novels. “Black Apple” is a short story I wrote in 1990 set in the same fantasy world, and featuring one of the characters. Not that you care, but I’m short on other stuff right now. As regards to writing a fantasy novel, that is nothing but tired fantasy cliches and a collection of the common pitfalls of such writing (too slow to start, too many locations, heavy on explanatory dialog, etc) . . . well, it’s mostly for my own edification, anyway. So there.

That’s it for me. See you next week! — KW

One Response

  1. No comments about the nanobots? That’s the coolest thing I’ve seen (may be late to the game) in ages. Ah, well.


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