Virginia Graveyard

Apparently Gingrich and Perry also failed to qualify for the Virginia ballot. I’ll leave it to others better informed sources to explain why that happened, and merely note that, from my
vantage point, Virginia’s appears to have positioned itself, for now, as the state in which presidential ambitions are buried and, quite probably, one of the major factors in Romney taking the nomination.

Dedicated to Scott – but for the Anglophile in all of us!

If you never saw the late Ian Richardson as the evil PM, Francis Urquhart (F.U.), this is a taste.  PM Cameron should be watching the 20 year old series now for tips.  Here F.U. makes mincemeat of the mawkishly liberal BBC interviewer.

Should you have trouble with the video loading, try letting it run long enough to buffer 30 seconds or so and then restarting the clip at the beginning, behind the buffer.

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