Bits & Pieces (Monday Night Open Mic)

How to cope with severe weather events, thanks to anthropogenic climate change? Get yourself a Black Umbrella.

Get dumb and bang a wizard. Snoop Dogg informs on the advantages of wind power.

Given recent news about ClimateGate 2.0, it’s interesting to discuss where “the truth” is in highly charge or highly emotional issues. And a recent Freakonomics podcast does just that.

A few observations from the podcast: being smarter is not actually helpful to arriving at the truth, and that you’re simply not going to make any progress if you characterize your opposition as dumb, or anti-science, or incapable if thinking for themselves. Also, conspiracy theorists will always believe “the truth is out there”.

Also: the Washington Post says dire global warming forecasts are now off the table. O-kay.


I watched It’s a Wonderful Life again this Thanksgiving. Gosh, I love that movie. God bless Jimmy Stewart, and Lionel Barrymore.

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  1. Follow up piece by Felix Salmon on Judge Rakoff's rejection of the CitiGroup & SEC settlement:Jed Rakoff’s fraught decision


  2. Had dinner with my mens' group and we had as a guest the security chief for Daimler-Benz finance, worldwide [whose name is Roland].Roland is a German and he lives in Stuttgart.Roland says that Greece's economy is on the scale of Bremen's, the smallest state in Germany. Greece, he says, is no problem to just plain carry. He says Italy is healthy – if interest rates for Italy were lower, it would have a balanced current budget. He says the banks will fix that for Italy. Spain's problem is tricky, in that its economy was healthy until the bust. He says northern Europe will carry southern Europe in the end, so long as France is on an even keel.


  3. jnc, thanx for that link.


  4. Freeh is asked to serve as MF Global Trustee in Bankruptcy, while serving as lead investigator of Sandusky and in the SAT test score fraud.


  5. So back in the early 80's, before It's a Wonderful Life had become the yearly tradition it now is, I was living in my parents house, having just failed out of college several months earlier (for no good reason other than a lack of willingness to actually crack a book). I had no job, no friends, no girlfriend, no drive and no real life…I was the stereotypical kid trying to find himself. My dad and I were flipping through the stations one night and on PBS, I think during a pledge drive, they had IAWL on. Neither my dad or I had seen that movie before but we both watched it late into the night. I think we both could really identify with George Bailey. As sappy as it sounds, when the end came with the message of no man is a failure who has friends, tears came to my eyes and I knew I had to find a path. Aside from becomming a huge Jimmy Stewart fan, I began working on both my personal and professional life. This happily married father of 3, college graduate, professionally successful poster won't say that all I am is due to watching that movie…but I will say that it did change my life because I found it at the uniquely appropriate time in my life when I really needed something. It holds a special place in my heart. I will always remember watching it with my dad. On a side note, my brother-in-law that I visited during Thanksgiving got a new kitten…and named her Zuzu (Zuzu's petals!).


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