Weekend Thread!

Where is the plane? Malayan PM now saying it flew for 7 hours.


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  1. I conformed the “Quotation of the Day” to the “Weekend Thread”.



  2. Heh.


  3. Maybe it’s because they’re activist and incompetent.

    Republicans also seem to be benefiting from the argument — reinforced by advertising and by their media surrogates — that Mr. Obama has presided over an activist government that has overreached and proved incompetent.

    Just sayin’.

    Here’s how to work in the Koch bugaboo even when they’re not involved.

    Frightening Democrats further, none of the Republican third-party money in the race came from the Koch brothers,

    Jeez, the Times thinks it’s readers are stupid. Progressives, isn’t that insulting?

    But on Capitol Hill, Democrats are furious that the same major contributors who enabled Mr. Obama and allied outside groups to raise over $1 billion for his re-election in 2012 are not rallying to ensure the president does not face a Congress controlled entirely by Republicans for his final two years.

    Maybe it’s because Crony Capitalism corrupts both parties?

    Course, TeaBaggers are Koch funded AstroTurf Somalia loving anarchists when they point this out.



  4. Great news!

    Celebrating a drop in the rate of the uninsured by about a percentage point doesn’t make a lot of sense in the context of the surprisingly low take-up rate in both Medicaid and in the insurance exchanges so far. In fact, the Gallup poll confirms, like the McKinsey survey last week, just how little an impact Obamacare is having so far on getting people covered.



  5. Please tell me how a Progressive can defend this codling of, not just a business, but a *Health Insurance Company* while simultaneously attacking another person and/or party over favoring business over the “little guy?”

    On Tuesday the Department of Health and Human Services signaled its intention to temporarily give insurers a break on the portion of premiums they must spend on medical care or return to policyholders. The switch could shrink consumer rebate checks. But considering what insurers have gone through with balky online marketplaces and shifting regulations, even consumer advocates don’t seem to object.


    At what point does the Abomination remain worth it when all it’s doing is demonstrating how the Democratic Party and Progressives are using the force of law to enrich and even further empower Health Insurance Companies? Are we going to be reading pieces with the title In Defense of the Beneficence of Aetna in The New Republic, The Nation, Salon, Slate, the Huffington Post and the Daily Kos?


    • Mark:

      What do you think of Obama’s routine flouting of written law that he actually signed? He has repeatedly ignored statutory deadlines, and now he is ignoring statutory requirements regarding the percentage of premiums that must be used towards medical costs. How is his behavior not impeachable? For what purpose does impeachment exist if not to remove a president who refuses to enforce the law?


      • For what purpose does impeachment exist if not to remove a president who refuses to enforce the law?

        It exists expressly to remove a criminal. No snark intended; there ought to at least be a contempt [of Congress] citation that can arise out of this if the executive office is operating ultra vires. And then, if it could be a criminal contempt [QB?] it could lead to an impeachment. I don’t think contempt of Congress can be criminal contempt in this context. I would like to read what con law experts have to say about this. I will ck over at Volokh.

        I have been opposed to the arrogation of power in the executive and remain so.

        Meanwhile, Sparty is looking good.

        The Big 12 tourney champs, Iowa St., are more fun to watch than any other team in America – they lead the nation in scores off assists, which is a testament to their spacing and passing and cutting. However, they are short, and some big fast team will beat them over the top, probably after Sweet 16. Jayhawks center and lottery pick, Joel Embiid, has a stress fracture in his back and may have played his last at KU. Without him they are just a very good team, not an elite one.


        • Mark:

          It exists expressly to remove a criminal.

          OK, I get that. If his actions are not criminal, then impeachment is off the table. So what about a lawsuit? Why can’t members of congress sue to compel him to enforce the law they passed? Why can’t say, an insurance company sue for not enforcing the mandates, which harms them?


  6. Snicker.


  7. It seems to me that an insurance company would have a claim if it were injured by executive unwillingness to enforce the law. I think that clears the standing hurdle.


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