Happy Anniversary, ATiM

Today is ATiM’s first anniversary, and I think a hearty congratulations are in order, both for the site and for everyone involved in making it the success it has become.

Success, of course, was (and, if we are honest, remains) not assured. Bringing together strong personalities with passionate opinions from as wide a range of ideologies and perspectives as we have here to discuss political issues was always a risky prospect. And while many blogs survive and thrive on the combustible energy and oftentimes unpleasant atmosphere created by such a diverse mix of opinions, from the beginning All Things in Moderation was, as the name implies, intended to be something different. As I wrote in What ATiM is All About, “we created ATiM as a place where political discussion and debate can take place in the absence of the kind of unproductive vitriol that has come to characterize much of blog commentary these days.”

Naturally, we’ve (and especially I’ve) not always succeeded. We lost a few early invitees almost immediately, and a couple more along the way. We’ve had our share of sharp and pissed off exchanges, and a couple of times it seemed, to me at least, like the whole enterprise was going to collapse. But here we still are, going strong, and a lot more positive than negative to show for it.

On a personal level, I truly appreciate ATiM. I have long been a political blog junkie and have been posting on comment boards since I first discovered them over 15 years ago. I’ve jumped from place to place, and had spent the two years prior to ATiM’s inception posting at Greg Sargent’s Plum Line. It had become an extremely unpleasant place to be, but I hung around primarily because of some of the relationships I had developed while there, notably with QB, McWing, and lms. ATiM has allowed me to maintain those relationships, and develop others I never would have, outside of the cesspool that is the Plum Line. I know many of you still participate there, but I for one am thankful that I have no more reason to visit there anymore.

I want to send out a couple of personal thank you’s on this first anniversary. First, to Brent, who’s Morning Report has been crucial to ATiM’s continued existence. I truly believe that without his daily efforts ATiM probably would have died more than once over the last year. He is the unsung hero of ATiM. Also to Mark and Kevin for their efforts at getting ATiM started, Mark behind the scenes recruiting and Kevin for being the technical genius at actually creating the site itself. (I also miss Kevin’s daily Bits n Pieces). And finally, a big thanks to lms. She was the catalyst that got ATiM off the ground. If I am not mistaken, lms and I were debating each other at the Plum Line for longer than anyone else here (except for possibly QB), and given the tone of some of those debates (one early one resulted in lms literally telling me she hated me), she could easily have chosen to leave me out. But she didn’t and for that I am eternally grateful. Here’s to hoping for a lot more debates in the future, lms.

Happy anniversary, ATiM.


(Please feel free to add your own anniversary thoughts to the bottom of this post, if you don’t want to make your own new post.)

23 Responses

  1. Thanks for the anniversary post. As one of the later arrivals, thanks for welcoming me into the fold.

    Scott has said it better than I would, so I will just second his sentiments (did I just write that?). I would add that I’ve learned a lot from all of you. A particular shout out to our financial guys (Brent, Scott, banned, jnc) who have patiently answered my naive questions about an area that I know very little. I appreciate being exposed to new concepts and ideas — the Morning Report has become essential reading for me, even if I don’t fully comprehend the import of some of the news.

    We succeed in the end because we tend not to just spew talking points past each other and we generally respect each others’ stances. And I know that debating points here sharpens my thoughts on issues. So, even though I spend way too much time here during work hours, I’m grateful for the forum and the interactions.

    And Kev, buddy, we miss you.


  2. I agree with Mike that Scott has commented on the occassion better than I would have. I mostly just want to thank those of you who have kept this place going even as people, such as myself, have wandered in and out a bit. I would have been really disappointed to have clicked on the link pinned to my favorite bar only to find silence. I even have to credit ATiM with teaching me how to better exchange and explore differences. I have had some recent arguments with a family member about some very personal things and in no small part to the discussions here and the lessons leared here, I have been able to maturely express my perspective. So anyway, here’s to more anniversaries to come.


  3. I’m here! As I explained to Scott, I’ve suffered from a precipitous drop in interest in politics and world news. My free time has been devoted to listening to audio fiction, family, and work. I haven’t been on Plumline, or anywhere.

    I’m not any kind of expert on dopamine and its role in motivation, but I do know I’ve been going through a lot of very intense efforts to “reset” my brain in regards to food, exercise, etc., and retrain myself in those areas (and others), and the “pull” to engage in political debate (or even follow politics . . . or tech news, which I also used to follow religiously) has completely vanished. Or, it may just be a case of “out of site, out of mind”. When I run across the right story, I’ll suddenly be back to my old self. Who knows?

    Even so, I’m impressed that ATiM is still going strong one year in. I have to be honest: I really didn’t think it would be. The first few encounters with strong disagreements made me think it was a certainty that either one side or the other would completely desert, and then it would be like any other political blog: pretty much everybody aligned on one side of the aisle. And that hasn’t happened. Because you guys all rock.

    What’s more, I was worried that ATiM would not survive the disappearance, for whatever reason, of key members. If lmsinca dropped out or Mark or Scott and QB, posts would slow to a trickle and then just stop. I figured it could survive my disappearance . . . but even then, I wasn’t 100% sure. It has, of course, and I’m duly impressed.

    This is a good group of people. A wide variety of disciplines is represented, experience in numerous fields of knowledge, and a wide variety of opinions. And we are people who can talk to each other, even when we disagree completely. That’s a good thing, say I.

    I hope to participate more in the coming year (my complete lack of interest in anything political notwithstanding, or perhaps reversing).

    Love to you all, my peeps.


  4. BTW, I’m logged in as my other WordPress account because I was having trouble remembering my Kevin Willis password. That’s me up there. 😉


  5. I cannot emphasize enough how critical the regularity, non-ideology, and information provided by Brent’s Morning Report has been to the life of this venture.

    I thank everyone who has taken a turn at authoring.

    I appreciate the range of subjects from finance, to politics, to book clubbing, to food, to pop culture, to sports; our categories list is actually very long and I truly respect the smarts of this entire group. The range of interests, of experiences, of occupations; our gender and age differences, our political spread, and our national geographic distribution assure that we are not an echo chamber.

    In order to maintain dialog we must remember our rules of engagement, and I have been pleasantly surprised at how (imperfectly yet) well we have done so.

    Scott, thank you for the mention, in turn, I thank you for your critical contributions to the organization of the experiment.

    Lulu, if you left I would want to know where you were going, because I know you would strive to make it a civil environment.

    During the next year Don Juan must become an author and we must hope that Kev has not abandoned us.

    Thank you, all, for your participation in this little project.


  6. @MarkInAustin: “During the next year Don Juan must become an author and we must hope that Kev has not abandoned us.”

    I will have to remember how to login as myself. I know that much. 😉


  7. Speak of the devil: Hi, Kevin! Glad to hear you are taking care of your health. You would like the book we are reading.


  8. Kev,

    Good to hear from you. If you have some diet and exercise tips (and how to stay motivated), I wouldn’t mind a post about that …


  9. I know I am new to many of you here, but this has been one of the more interesting internet forums I have been associated with. I truly appreciate the more nuanced and deeper discussion that is so rare and hard to find.

    It has taken me a lot of time to understand some of the finer distinctions between the members who have political views different from mine. I hope I do not paint everybody with a broad brush. Likewise, I hope some have seen the shades of my positions.

    As an aside, Scott, someone was speaking well of you on Plum Line yesterday. I hesitate to paraphrase lest I get it wrong but they were impressed by your debating skills.


    • yello:

      As an aside, Scott, someone was speaking well of you on Plum Line yesterday.

      Thanks for letting me know. I haven’t made an appearance there in almost a year, so it is nice to know I made some kind of positive impression on somebody.


  10. I’ll second what Scott and others have said. Thanks to all who have worked hard at making a go of it. And thanks to Brent for posting the Morning Report.


  11. Happy Anniversary, all! It has been an adventurous year, and I’m really more happy than I can tell you that we’re (mostly) still all here, disagreeing but still hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. When I tell people about our blog and my Blog Buddies they’re always amazed at the thought of such a diverse group of people, most of whom have never seen each other face-to-face, coming together to discuss things that we know we’re going not agree on, but agreeing to do it on an adult level. I suspect that a couple of my real world friends have lurked on occasion, and I’m hoping to get one or two of them to start commenting.

    I also vote for Don Juan getting full author credentials, even if we have to tie him up to do it! 🙂


  12. Agreed on the Morning Report being key to keeping the blog going. It provides a nice neutral factual basis to start the day discussions with. Thanks Brent.

    Also for the record, I’m not a finance guy. I’m a computer guy.


  13. “ScottC, on September 13, 2012 at 6:50 am said:


    As an aside, Scott, someone was speaking well of you on Plum Line yesterday.

    Thanks for letting me know. I haven’t made an appearance there in almost a year, so it is nice to know I made some kind of positive impression on somebody.”

    Had to go find this for myself, not quite glowing praise but it’s the Plum Line. As expected Scott is praised primarily as a vehicle to insult QB.

    9/12/2012 8:41 PM EDT
    BTW Sam we used to have a poster named Scott. A heartless cold CDS trader and a staunch libertarian.

    As much as I might dislike him personally Scott is no Q.B. He is a terrific debater. He would be a worthy adversary for you Sam.

    if you are really that desperate to debate a real rightie who has the talent to keep up I can direct you his way. He would be a worthy adversary for you Sam…Q.B. is simply not in your league.”



    • jnc;

      Thanks for the link to the PL reference. I couldn’t be bothered to go search it out myself.

      In all honesty I thought it might be ruk, which for obvious reasons seriously detracts from the praise, such as it is. And his description of me is as funny as it is wrong. I am not a CDS trader nor am I (as you would surely protest) a “staunch” libertarian, although admittedly I do lean that way. Whether or not I am heartless and cold, well, I leave that to you all to judge for yourselves.


  14. So if we see samurai show up, we’ll know why/how!


  15. I tried to defend the First Amendment yesterday over there. perhaps I did it poorly. but Ruk said it was a Shoeless Joe moment in the sense that I’d let him down.

    and this place is great. break in meetings today and it’s my first stop.


  16. Whether or not I am heartless and cold. . .

    Any man who likes Hendrick’s could not be either.


  17. Thanks for the kind words about MR everybody..


  18. Someone said something about an anniversary? I knew it had to be coming up but didn’t track down the date (Scott had to remind me). I thought I should take the occasion to end or at least interrupt my self-imposed semi-exile.

    Scott, I hate to tell you that your fan over at PL was Sybil, praising you in absentia as a way to boost the strength of his insults of me. He seemed to think that I would feel more hurt by his insults of my intelligence if he compared my stupidity to your brilliance.

    I know you must be disappointed that it wasn’t bernie, but you have probably faced worse disappointments.

    PS: Oh, I see now I was corked by Michi. Fitting. What is ATiM without a good corking.


  19. “quarterback, on September 13, 2012 at 2:18 pm said:

    Someone said something about an anniversary? I knew it had to be coming up but didn’t track down the date (Scott had to remind me). I thought I should take the occasion to end or at least interrupt my self-imposed semi-exile.”

    Any particular reason for the self-imposed semi-exile?


  20. What is ATiM without a good corking.


    Good to see you, qb!


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