Bits & Pieces (Tuesday Night Open Mic)

You probably won’t want to watch the whole thing. It lasts over 2 hours.

In 2009, Casey Pugh asked thousands of Internet users to remake “Star Wars: A New Hope” into a fan film, 15 seconds at a time. Contributors were allowed to recreate scenes from Star Wars however they wanted. Within just a few months SWU grew into a wild success. The creativity that poured into the project was unimaginable.

The 5 Online Petitions that Prove Democracy is Broken. Like that was really necessary.

Coming up with stuff to link to would be a lot easier if the Net Nanny here didn’t block The Onion. Someone link to something from The Onion.

Will this be Apple’s First $40 Billion Quarter?

I miss Bloom County.

For you physicists and metaphysicists in the audience . . .

Click on it to actually see the whole thing. All right. That’s it for tonight. Just somebody link to something in The Onion.

— KW

And, by the way, the FAQ page is up. Look it over and let me know what you think–and feel free to add (or just leave it in a comment and I’ll add it either tonight or [more likely] tomorrow)!
— Michigoose

60 Responses

  1. Kev,

    Here goes nothing.

    Grover Norquist and taxes in The Onion.


  2. BTW, Apple came in with $46.3B in sales and $13.87 profit per share. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s Morning Report ….


  3. Kevin,

    It was worth the trip over here to see you blow up at the end of that thread. To see you hurl a few F bombs and self ID as a pri#k made me feel a lot better. And it was entertaining too!!!

    Like I say da man!


  4. Our household accounted for two of those iPhones.

    My precious…

    My precious…



  5. That Star Wars fan-flick is definitely a labor of love. Or something like it. Recently I spent and entire Saturday morning watching the Pink Five Saga. Genuinely hilarious.


  6. Oh jeeze, my husband and I are such suckers. First our tenant ended up being much flakier than we thought and now we’re going through the eviction process, with a lawyer, but I think we may have hired a stinker in that department also. Just got an email from the office help (his wife) that she tried to file the summons in court today and found out after waiting an hour in line, that she was at the wrong courthouse. Apparently, going to the wrong courthouse is going to cost us more money……OMG.


  7. lmsinca

    My office manager has two houses they have to rent in upstate N.Y. Her husband couldn’t get a good job here in St. Pete..he’s 53 and you know how that goes and so he is in Pennsylvania…she is such an incredible lady that I feel for here..but she never gets down.

    I’ve got a tenant who I felt sorry for…the third time in six years I’ve made that mistake…he is 50 out of work and hasn’t paid rent in two months. He is a decent guy and I’ve treated him very well and so he wants to help the best he can. We made a deal..I gave him January rent free if he’s out at the end of the month. Luckily I haven’t had to go through an eviction yet…but I did let one young couple have a’s a duplex a couple of years ago. They didn’t really qualify, he had bad credit, but he was a Gulf War Vet….and you know me and Vets…I made him show me his DD214 to verify he was truly a vet…he was such a nice guy…and you can guess how it ends. He and his live in girl start getting into huge fights…put holes in two different doors..bring the police to the place on several occasions. They split…he locked her out…she called the cops and they gave her permission to destroy my back door to go in and claim her stuff….I truly feel your pain!


  8. Here’s a copy of the email we got from “the wife” tonight. Seriously, could you be any more unprofessional. Is it hard to fire a lawyer and get your money back?

    An update to your case, I personally drove all the way to Riverside Superior Court to file the complaint. I had to wait over an hour to file it because I’m not a lawyer and I’m not a pro-per. Once I got up to the clerk (I was in a horrible mood by this point, as you can imagine), they informed me that all evictions are heard and filed in Moreno Valley. So, I came back to the office and I am attempting to file it via fax this afternoon. I will let you know if they accept the complaint via fax. Otherwise, I’m going to have to give this to our process server to file in Moreno Valley, which will cost you a little more in process server fees. But, I’ll let you know.

    Have a good day,


    • I say let her file it, make sure it’s in the right court, and then fire them for cause (if there is such a thing in this milieu). Can that be done?


  9. ruk, this gal, our tenant, was living in our rental with her dad, who is or was a very nice guy and always showed up on the first or the day before with the rent. At the end of October he had a major medical event, which we were unaware of until about the middle of November. No one would return our calls so we were forced to send out a pay rent or quit notice which finally caused his daughter to call. She was out of work and he was in the hospital on life support, so we essentially let her use the security deposit that month. The following month she told us he’d had a miraculous recovery and would be coming home after a few weeks of therapy and she’d get caught up then. She scraped a little money together later in Dec. and promised to get the rest by Jan.1. In the meantime her brother called us from Texas, we’d called him when we couldn’t get a hold of her. Number one, she didn’t get bitten by a brown recluse spider, one of her many excuses, their father was essentially brain dead but she wouldn’t let them pull the plug, she has a history of drug abuse and a couple of warrants outstanding. That was the end of our generosity.

    Unfortunately, it appears this may be our lawyer’s first eviction. Even we knew where to file the papers……lol


    • lmsinca

      When I read the title of Paul Krugman’s columns..The Conscience of a Liberal I examine myself. We are blessed to have only one rental property a duplex in a desirable location. I rarely have to do more than put a sign up front to receive enough calls to find a suitable tenant, sometimes we might add in a Craig’s List ad. We’ve had some wonderful tenants, including a school teacher and a guy who has been with us for five years. He is a bodybuilder who now earns his living posing for health magazines and doing infomercials for exercise and nutrition products.

      But it does challenge the Conscience of a Liberal when you rent property.
      My first three calls to replace the unemployed 50 year old…
      A guy who is also 50 and a former electrician. He hurt his back about a dozen years ago and gets 1200 monthly in disability. He augments that by working illegally and collecting money under the table. The Conscience of a Liberal…do I turn this dude in…I don’t have proof and I’m not inclined to get involved but folks like he and my sister in law abuse the disability system and give ammo to all of our conservative friends who are justifiably livid with fraud in our safety net programs.

      2nd Caller…a nice young lady…do you accept pets..not really unless you are the perfect candidate. Well I’m a nice person and my dog is a small BOXER!!! Then she drops this one on me…I’m three months pregnant.
      Wow. Again I do not wish to judge others, but how am I going to rent to and unwed pregnant woman who will obviously be unemployed soon. I was shocked by her honesty. WTF is she thinking?

      3rd Caller..this morning…When can I get in? I’m so tired of living with my mother. Then she drops the bomb that she has a three year old…sometimes this makes me feel like Banker Potter.

      Basically when the dental practice was flourishing we could subsidize our duplex..those days left about four years ago..the worst part of owning a rental property is being so closely involved with the suffering that so many Americans are experiencing and not really being able to do much about it.


      • Yes, it’s definitely challenging at times. Our rental is in a very popular city in the Inland Empire…..luckily we live in the same city…..and receive hundreds of phone calls when it’s up for rent. We had one gal who said she’d be willing to rent it if we bought her a new oven. The darn thing was only 3 years old….lol. Moved to the bottom of the list. This is the first time we’ve ever had to evict someone. I think she thought she was going to have access to her dad’s SS……uh no. I’m worried we’re going to get stuck moving all the stuff and storing it. I’m getting too old for this shit. We’re out close to $4K and counting.


      • “I’m getting too old for this shit. We’re out close to $4K and counting.”

        It’s almost enough to make you a Republican. 🙂


      • “It’s almost enough to make you a Republican.”

        Ain’t it the truth jnc!


      • Come on over, the water’s fine. I’m in a hot tub with Ron Paul right now.


      • Kevin That’s a visual I didn’t really need. LOL

        Don’t know what you look like…but Ron Paul naked with another man in a hot tub is not likely to attract many to your party.


  10. lms, that’s just an awful story. I don’t know how it works in CA, but in OK our State Bar Association takes complaints very seriously and does actually act on them, but you would need to wait to see what the lawyer actually bills you to see if you are actually damaged and whether they refuse to “make it right.” Are you paying an hourly rate? You should not have to pay any mileage or other expenses, nor for anybody’s time, for them going to the wrong courthouse. Perhaps they will not bill you for that in the first place; if they do, they might back off on it if you complain. If they pay the process server a bit more to file it, that would have happened anyway if they had done it properly to begin with.


  11. Forgot to add . . . this certainly would give me pause about them handling the rest of your case very well. So thinking about changing attorneys after it gets filed might be worthwhile.


  12. Speaking of malpractice: ruk, I read a news blurb today that some dentist in MA got charged or convicted or something (don’t remember right now) for fraud for using paperclips as permanent posts for crowns or something. AG said it’s okay to use paperclips as a temporary measure, but not permanent. I’m horrified if it’s okay to use them even temporarily! Is that true?


    • Okie

      My wife refers all her root canals to a specialist, and so when our patients return from the endodontist they carry the post with them in a paper envelope. Some general dentists do their own least on anterior teeth and only refer molars. I can’t imagine a specialist using paper clips but a general doc…I wouldn’t be shocked.

      To be honest though I’m not sure what difficulty would be caused by using a paper clip. Obviously it would have to be trimmed properly and fit the opening created by the root canal. But there is cement that holds whatever is used for a post and then it is of course covered by the crown, which if fitted correctly provides excellent protection.

      I’m not aware of anybody using paper clips but it does seem that I heard some old timers discussing that once at a dental meeting.

      The “fraud” that disturbs me most. My wife is a General Dentist..we are not pediatric dentists…she sees children when they’re old enough to behave. Sometimes however as a favor to our adult patients she has provided second opinions for children diagnosed with a bunch of cavities. On more than one occasion she has seen children with phantom cavities, once finding no cavities in a child scheduled to have five fillings. What a racket eh. They’re not permanent teeth and so the evidence falls out and besides, unless you can get the original xrays there is no way to prove a dentist has filled a tooth that never had a cavity.

      Sometime if you wish I’ll be happy to share with you what to look for in a dentist. Perhaps I’ve already gone too long on this post however.


  13. Is anybody else watching the SOTU (Scott? Scott???? :-))? I’m mainly listening to it while I’m cleaning house, but catching the computer screen every once in a while and I just saw John Kerry. It almost looks like he’s got a black eye–anyone know what’s up with that?

    Just curious. . .


    • I’m not watching. Instead, while I do chores I’m watching my struggling, unranked OU men’s basketball team hang very tight with #6/7 Baylor.

      ascot (in honor of your heritage, lol), your Pistons visited my fair city last night. I don’t think they liked it here.


    • Michi,
      Kerry got the shiners and broken nose from a pick up hockey game. He probably took some crap for it when the Bruins visited the WH recently.


    • Kind of a partisan, all over the place SOTU. Simplify the tax code, make more tax credits for this and that. Drill, baby, drill, but clean energy support.

      Just waiting for Biden to do something funny. Cantor just smiled. Odd.


    • “Is anybody else watching the SOTU”

      “I now all but disregard what Obama says, and watch only what he does.”

      – Glenn Greenwald

      Having said that, I prefer to read the speech rather than watch it. It’s faster and more detached.


    • Oh, and given my unhealthy fascination with SCOTUS, I notice that Scalitomas are not in attendance but the Chief Justice is. I didn’t see Sotomayor either.


      • Sotomayor–that’s it. I couldn’t put my finger on who else it was who wasn’t there.

        “Scalitomas”. Snicker. *snort*


    • I also do get tired of Presidents trotting out the honor and bravery of “the men and women in uniform” for guaranteed applause lines. . .


      • Any opportunity to applaud the Michigoose’s (and, if I recollect correctly, the McWingnut’s as well) of the world, it’s a good thing. As a lazy civilian who never even looked at a recruitment station cross-eyed, I salute you!


      • Thanks, Kevin, it’s that I’m overly tired of politicians using the attitude of people like you (which, I suspect, is the vast majority of folks) to get themselves applause.

        I appreciate your thoughts, I don’t appreciate their exploitation.

        And yep, McWing (Marines) as well as jnc4p (Navy), ruk (Army) and, IIRC, Mark (Army?)


      • I wasn’t in the Navy. I think you have me confused with the person who posted the story about towing the Somali’s during the 1990’s on Veterans Day?


      • You’re right–I thought I remembered that was you. Maybe ashot?


  14. Thanks for the advice all. We paid them a flat fee for a simple eviction (fingers crossed) so we’ll see what gets done and how quickly. I’m saving the email for future reference if I need it. My husband already emailed back. Something along the lines of “We assumed you would know which courthouse to go to, I think the filing was part of our original contract.”


  15. ashot–

    okie just reminded me: I think you need to change your handle. And this could be your new avatar!

    Earl of Douglas crest


  16. The speech is too damned long.


  17. Daniels is being a bit casual with the facts.


  18. That SOTU was the finest Republican nomination acceptance speech I have ever heard.


  19. My take on SOTU. O’Donnell and Ezra played some music for Scott’s ears. They pointed out that these speeches never affect policy, barely change public opinion..a couple of times a Prez drops a point or two or picks up a point or two but nothing really happens…other than they piss off Scott.

    IMO we have a fair number of partisans here including me. Now we can debate all night about what Obama “says” and what he “does” but it’s only a freaking speech.
    As oratory I thought it was outstanding, but then I’m a partisan progressive. It apparently did not have the same effect on conservatives judging Cantor’s expression each time they cut away to him. LOL.

    I understand Michi’s point about garnering applause by playing the military card. I think that’s simply a reflection of where our society is right now. We love our military and that’s not all bad. Of course as a Vet I wished we loved them enough to stop sending them off to foolish unwinnable wars, but then I’m a peacenik. I wish we could do something about the fact that 18 Vets commit suicide every day. Were you aware of that stat Michi. It saddens me greatly. 18 deaths everyday but they don’t count as war casualties even though they are just as dead and their families are just as sad.

    I absolutely like the way he used the military as an example of pulling together. Now Michi don’t go off here…yeah when I was stateside, parts of the military appeared FUBAR to me, but we had a draft and some pretty dumb people, nothing like today’s volunteer Army. At any rate when the bullets start flying it truly does have the effect of uniting folks…and I think Obama’s use of the Bin Ladin raid as a model for what the rest of us need to do…cooperate and trust each other…have each others backs…I liked that. Yeah it’s just oratory…but that’s the point isn’t it…it was a speech.

    I can see why the R’s want Mitch Daniels to run. His followup IMO was far better than Jindal…but not as good as McDonnell. I do find some irony in Daniels talking fiscal responsibility..he was GWB’s budget know the guys who took a surplus and turned it into a deficit.

    But that’s my partisan view, I suspect the conservatives were pleased with Daniels performance and I can understand why. He’s no MItt Romney…but then again he’s no Newt. Say what you will about Newt and his baggage, but I have been thoroughly impressed by this man’s ability to think on his feet…I have no doubt that out of their present field, and even potentials like Daniels…Gingrich is the one who could stand on stage with Obama and carry the R flag proudly…Mitt against Obama…yeaooow…just sayin’ from the progressive perspective. We’ll let our conservatives tell us how they really feel about Daniels, Romney and Newt.


  20. I only caught a little of the SOTU, my husband has been yacking all night and I couldn’t follow very well. I’ll have to read it in the morning and think of something interesting to say. Sounds like it was pretty good but too long…..aren’t they all?


  21. It was a fine speech and a little longer on platitudes and shorter on laundry lists than most SOTUs. There were a lot of subtle (and several unsubtle) digs about bipartisanship and tax fairness. I found the rah-rah literally flag-waving ending a little over-the-top but I think they are trying to shore up their right side.Parts of the speech about energy independence could have come from a Rick Perry stump talk.

    Mitch Daniel gave an adequate speech but he looks like the love child of Wallace Shawn and Gollum. At least he is no Bobby ‘Volcano’ Jindal. The light bulb line was an eye roller and I cannot believe anybody in this day and age would use the phrase ‘free-born mature citizens’.


    • I missed the response. I like Mitch all right, but I have been repeatedly underwhelmed with Republican responses to SOTU (and the reverse was true under Bush), so I’m guessing I didn’t miss much. I’m interested in the specifics of the light bulb line. Folks for the legalization of light bulbs turn me on.


      • KW,

        Folks for the legalization of light bulbs turn me on.


        I thought light bulbs were legal? Do I have to find a black marketeer next time my lights burn out?

        Daniels’ line was something to the effect of “Obama and his allies think that without government intervention, we might pick the wrong health insurance, wrong mortgages, wrong schools for our kids — heck, we might even pick the wrong light bulbs.”


  22. Anyone else find it ironic that the SEALs were rescuing hostages in Somalia (doing their jobs!) right before the SOTU? Obviously, not that big a deal since McRaven was in DC and not here in Tampa like he was for OBL.


    • Don’t know if you’re being facetious with your “not that big a deal” phrase in that sentence, Mike, but actually a hugely BFD that it was an on-the-ground mission inside Somalia. Blackhawk down, and all.

      That they carried it out completely below the radar is amazing.


      • Yes, facetious. I need to find a sarcasm font.

        McRaven was a SEAL. I kind of feel sorry for him when he has to do these stupid political things — I figure he’d probably rather be out in the field with his guys.


      • I pretty much figured you were, but after what we’ve been through on this blog in the last couple of days I figured I’d better get clarification. 🙂

        I’m going to have to see if there’s a way to load a sarcasm font into our editing capabilities!


  23. but I think they are trying to shore up their right side

    I don’t know how much to helps generally, but an aversion to sincere flag waving has always been one of the things that turns me off, re: the Democrats. When they do it, I give ’em a point. We can all love our country, and wave a flag. You don’t want to, fine, but don’t come asking for my vote.


    • Key word there is ‘sincere’. I am a patriot and love my country. I just get nervous when people invoke that emotion for partisan purposes which Obama was very close to doing. We are all Americans even when we disagree.

      The consensus of the post-debate commentary was that the bulk of the issues mentioned in the speech were aimed at the broad middle class rather than the poor or the rich, except that the latter deserve to be more onerously taxed.


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